Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why should my cleaning service be insured?

Many homeowners today are asking this question. Why should my cleaning service be insured? This is a very good question. The real reason any cleaning service provider should be insured is to protect them and you as the homeowner looking for a cleaning service. I want to outline why a cleaning service being insured is a good thing all the way around. You want the right cleaning service providers in your home. They should be cleaning at a level of cleaning that respects your wishes and your home. You also want your cleaning service to keep your interior of your home looking like new for years to come. This being said, they should be cleaning all areas of your home with the right product and procedures to not only clean but protect your home and your family as well.    

Keep in mind Insurance is something that aligns good workmanship. You might be thinking why? Having a cleaning service that is fully insured as I have with East Coast Air Concepts Maid Service. My insurance requires a certain level of training and hiring practices. Why is this so important? If I train my staff to be expert cleaners. There will be less damage and breakage in your home. The other aspect of hiring is done with step by step proper forms filled out with completed background checks and complete support of documents verified to support just what my business insurance requires. This draws a complete circle around the question. why should my cleaning service be insured?

I always set up one on one live trainings for my new employees. This continues until all new employee are fully trained. Then I set up month by month surprise inspections on work preformed in all my homes we clean. All this goes back to having proper insurance it demands the best hiring and training practices and process going forward. This will be over looked in a cleaning service business that does not have insurance. The word insurance tightens the belt to ensure the highest level of practice and proper procedures completely.

Any cleaning service business owner that does not have insurance. This cleaning business owner is doing a diservice to the new client and former clients and themselves by having any staff working in their business. There is a lot of room for error loss and damages and law suits for accident claims. This will not only effect the cleaning business owner but the homeowner equally as well. So if you are thinking of a cleaning service. You should be armed with the question and the knowledge of  why should my cleaning service be insured Click Here

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Home Cleaning with Baking Soda

Todays post is about Home Cleaning with Baking Soda because so many homeowners today want to do basic but, effective cleaning. There are so many ways you use simple basic baking soda to help keep your home cleaner and fresh as if your windows are open 24/7. You might be thinking...HOW? Here are a few ways to freshen up your home starting downstairs and working upstairs. If you have a basement whether it's finished or not most of us have dehumidifiers running in the warmer months to combat moisture but still have an odor. I have found that if I set up small one cup containers or something to hold baking soda in even a dish and place on all ends of basement hidden if finished. This will work to pull odors out of air. Change these once monthly or as you notice odor coming back. If you have the ability to set up a fan place a dish with baking soda behind it. This will freshen air immediately.

Now let's move upstairs to work on freshening up this area as well. Maybe you want to think about where you might have odors like closets?  Set up a small container in each closet that has an odor. Home Cleaning with Baking Soda is easy and fun to do something that is effective and it cost pennies as well. You can purchase baking soda on a big value size bag in pool supply store or local food clubs in your area. Around any of the rooms you can do one of few things set to place baking soda around in open ceramic items that can hold baking soda and will not be seen. if you have kids think about placement so they are safe. This works well in pet beds and in cat waste or kitty liter boxes as well. I recently did a post on use of Baking Soda in kitchen in your refrigerator as well.

Check on this blog for this helpful post.There is many more things you can do with baking soda on my blog you too will be amazed. You can place some baking soda in your vacuum to fresh up your vacuum if bag is not full. To do this just simply place some baking soda on floor and vacuum up. Amount would be about  a 1/4 cup or less. Here is something else you can do to help freshen your home. Clean your kitchen pail with baking soda and warm water dry completely and reline pails. These are just a few things you can do to help you do with baking soda. We can help with Home Cleaning with Baking Soda Click Here

Sunday, February 23, 2014

House Cleaning Service Costs Cleaning Service Prices

House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices vary on what work is performed for which treatment you are looking to request for your home. Many people today can not do it all as in interior house cleaning and work so hard at everything else in their lives. Maybe you are one that can manage cleaning of the interior of your home but, need a little boost at end of every month. This will allow you to keep whole house on a cleaning level you really want and need. This kind of monthly cleaning service can help you in your home and on your budget as well.

Let us keep in mind monthly cleanings are designed to help the homeowner get home cleaned only once monthly. Many reading this post on my blog might be saying, yes that is why it's called monthly cleaning. This is not what I am trying to outline. What I am saying is that a monthly cleaning for any homeowner is designed to get home cleaned monthly but, the homeowner needs to understand they will still have clean home or even touch up weekly during the month. Why? If you can not do touch up cleanings weekly you will need to invest in a different service. Here is where the topic or question of House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices come back in to play a big role and factor..You might be thinking what are the fees and costs associated with interior cleaning?

There are many factors that come in to play in what makes up your cleaning pricing on time need to do the type of interior cleaning you want or need. Then you must be honest with yourself to make sure the type of cleaning service you are requesting is what you need for your home. You might  thinking what do you mean with this question? I am saying, do you really need or require the weekly, biweekly or monthly service you are requesting? How would you know what you really need will be decided by you on what cleaning efforts you put in to your own interior cleaning on a daily or weekly level. This will bring your final cost on any cleaning treatment you request or set up with your cleaning service. You can find out more if you still are asking the burning question of what are the fees and costs associated with House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices Click Here


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy Oven cleaning tip to keep it clean

Almost everyone can use this easy helpful tip on oven cleaning. Here is how you too can have easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean. It does not matter if you have a self cleaning oven or an oven that requires you to clean your oven manually.  You should consider this easy helpful tip as a part of keeping your oven clean. I have learned we cannot use oven cleaners on self cleaning ovens. I also know that if you get oven cleaner on your heating element you too can harm your oven over time. I do like a clean oven for cooking and baking without transfer of grease smells getting into my cooked foods.  How do I make this happen and it be easy too? You might be thinking to ask me. I do like to take a fast glance at my oven after I use it. If I see any spots or oil spills or drip marks I like to use a Brillo or SOS soap pad to take off burnt on spills or stains. I do rinse completely and dry it to see if there is any stains or streaks. If there is I repeat steps above and rinse completely. Then dry to nice shine. The oven now is ready for future use. This is one simple way to easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean. Here is another safe effective natural way is to mix any amount of baking soda and vinegar with warm water in spray bottle use scrub sponge spray on stain scour off rinse with warm water dry to shine. Keep in mind this kind of touch up cleaning your oven will allow you to not have such a  big oven cleaning down the road. If you are one with self cleaning oven you can know you are going on a green side and saving energy for your plant and your wallet too. Your oven cleanings will only have to be done once or at most twice a year doing these simple cleaning steps after you use your oven. Something else you can consider if you do not want to waste so much time cleaning your oven racks. Keep in mind your oven rack should not stay in self cleaning oven operation? Why? The racks will become dull and not look like new over time. Most self cleaning ovens require you remove oven racks before self cleaning. Take old new paper lay out larger then your oven racks spray racks with ammonia and water about half and half solution. Do this outside with plenty of  fresh air. Place in large plastic garbage bag knot bag or use twist tie set stand overnight in shady area.  The next day open bag carefully without inhaling any fumes pull racks out rinse with warm water. Racks should come out like new. Here si your gateway of easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean click here

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Affordable Maid Service Manorville Eastern Long Island NY

Are you searching for Affordable Maid Service Manorville Eastern Long Island NY? The search is over at this blog. Today we will speak about not only affordable maid service but, why we are a top rated cleanings service in your local town. Let me define the meaning of affordable maid service. I guess it's up to the individual. Let us look at another important element as in quality interior cleaning with every treatment. I have found over the years we all need to be very budget conscience. In other words we need to really be getting what we are paying for in every aspect of our lives. We all know why this is so important these days. Let me outline some things you should consider in your affordable maid service or cleaning service what ever you call it these days. You must be sure you are dealing with a fully insured cleaning company. The company should be paying their employees on the books and paying their taxes. Why is this so important?. If you hire just anyone to do your house cleaning. You could be in for more than you bargained for. The words "cheap is expensive" are an excellent touch for this post in my blog.

Why do I say these words? Many homeowners today are getting caught up with wanting to pay less and save money. This could be a good thing if all the elements are correct and true. If you are getting what you are agreed to pay for and the company that you wish to start to do regular business with is fully insured and paying their staff on the books. This could be a good fit for you or who ever is looking to hire a Maid Service or an Affordable Maid Service Manorville Eastern Long Island NY. Something else to consider I do a months run on any new cleaning account from when I start up. Why? One reason is to make sure we are hitting the mark with what was discussed at start up of cleaning. What do I mean by this? I look at time spent in home the level of cleaning that was completed on the one month mark. Is the cleaning done to what I started this job as in fair to me and fair to client equally as well. If everything looks good I then will ask client how they feel then we all proceed forward. If it's not ok with either one of us. We will try our best to resolve any issues. Sometimes we need to make small changes as in adding extra time once a month as I call it extended cleaning or on every treatment this depends on your homes traffic patterns. This could come from excessive company or more people just being home at different times of the year. Why is this factor important to your cleaning? If this is not looked at the first months cleaning treatments. You and and cleaning company could be doing you and your home cleaning a disservice. Why?

Your cleaning service will be wasting their time and paying out more payroll and not getting your home as clean as you wish it or even need it cleaned. You might be setting up your home for a holiday or an event and moving things around and seeing a build up or dust and dirt. This will not make you or any homeowner happy. So when the question comes to mind we need to hire a maid service or a cleanings service you thoughts should be on all these aspects not just one aspect of saving money. There are many ways around saving money and corners should not be cut or compromised at all when you decide who and what maid service or cleanings service you hire for your interior home cleaning. .You can always stop back at my blog for helpful cleaning tips and tricks to help you get the cleaning done faster in a fun way as well. If you still wish to find out more on what we do to help our local homeowners find Affordable Maid Service Manorville Eastern Long Island NY Click Here

Friday, July 26, 2013

Maid Service Center Moriches NY

We are a local Top Rated Maid Service Center Moriches NY. Why are we the top rated maid service in your local town? We are a local interior cleaning company with detailed custom room by room cleaning. How is this different from other cleaning services? We are committed to providing top notch consistent service with every cleaning treatment you get. Many of our happy clients rave to their family and friend this helps us build a solid family of happy homeowners locally.

When the question comes to mind or your focus turns towards hiring a maid service or a cleaning service. We would like to be the service professionals that can help you. I always say to our clients we are the solution to your interior cleaning needs. Once your cleaning is done on a regular basis you can tend to the important things in your family and life. If you are here at my blog and your do not live in Center Moriches. We do offer Maid Service Center Moriches NY and these other areas  of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches and Moriches NY as well. You too if located in any of these areas can request your free in home estimate to meet your cleaning needs on your home.

We are a uniquely coupled together staff and company. We all enjoy cleaning or as I would like to put it detailing our local homeowners homes on a regular basis. What are some of our key factors which make us a top rated local cleaning service? We are very consistent with every cleaning treatment.  Why is this so important? Keep in mind as in any service you pay for if you do not get what you are paying for on that visit you loose it forever. This being said, we all want to be as consistent as we can on every cleaning service treatment you have done in your home. It is always said, you get what you pay for all they way around in life. My staff is one of a kind and they are treated very well from me as we as all my client's too. This kind of set up and structure allows everyone to give their all,

Now back to the question that brought you here the request for maid service locally. Now you found out why we are top rated local maid service or interior cleaning service Eastern long NY. You might be thinking now how do I go about setting up an appointment to get an estimate. It's easy call us directly at 631363-0079. Keep in mind we do offer a free no obligation in home estimate. we will sit down and go over everything step by step what we do and how we can customize a cleaning worksheet on your home. For more details on Maid Service Center Moriches NY click here

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Home Advisor vs. Angie's list

If you are looking to hire a cleaning service or maid service in your local town you might thinking of using one of these services and asking this question of home advisor vs. Angie's list? I am a service professional and use both services as a local business owner and a homeowner as well. The both services offer a great service on either side for the local residents looking for prescreened professionals. Even for a local business owner getting more leads for business growth. Keep in mind no matter how you  decide to move forward you must do your homework first.

What do I mean when I say do your homework yourself? First of all no matter how many screened professionals get matched with you for your home cleaning you should do your homework before jumping in and getting the service. Here is a big factor take some time to get several estimates on your cleaning service request. Make sure you listen to exactly what the cleaning service will be doing for your service request. Why is this important? Keep in mind it is your home and your money you will be spending on a regular basis it should be the kind of house cleaning you want and need or why are you doing it! Now, something else you should make sure you will be getting the same work preformed on a regular basis so you can expect a certain level of cleaning to be done in your home every treatment.

This is why I decided to do a blog a post about two very good referral companies for the busy homeowner when the simple question comes to anyone's' mind home advisor vs. Angie's list?  The last and final step you are the one that will be using the cleaning service for your home. You have to be very happy with what service you are getting before work starts and as the cleaning work continues. This being said, I would recommend you take a closer look with each cleaning and then on monthly review over all look at work be performed is it what you want? The big factor is it what was talked about on your first estimate for your home cleaning or maid service request? If yes, great if not go back to person in charge and let them know what changes have to be made. Anyone can recommend any service professional and prescreen them but, you will be the overall good judge of the service professional you hire as the end result. Many people reading this very blog post may say right now but, I am still not sure what I need for my house cleaning or maid service? The answer to your question is do your homework. How? By setting up at least three estimates. One of your steps is being here reading this post and finding out the simple but big question on many minds home advisor vs. Angie's list? The next step you can do and get a free in home estimate from both home advisor vs. Angie's Cleaning Service Request Click Here

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cleaning Service Center Moriches NY

Are you gearing up for your Spring cleaning of your home in Center Moriches New York? We are local customer rated the best Cleaning Service Center Moriches NY. Why? One big reason we do not believe in Spring cleaning our homes we service. If you keep up with your home interior cleaning you too will never have to do Spring cleaning in your home. What pointers can I give you to allow this kind of cleaning to be done in your home? One big factor we have found is that vacuuming is key for a dust free home. What do I mean when I say this? Keep in mind you can vacuum center of the rooms but, what about the edges or the rooms? They need to get vacuumed as well if not weekly at least once a month. Something else I would like to add when you vacuum your floors vacuum with soft bush to dust off your floors not just pick up what you see with your eye. This kind of complete vacuuming will help keep dust down in your home. Your dusting will be so much less so you can really detail your home when you dust it. I say detail because with your vacuuming being so complete you can not only dust but wash all your glass items and buff to shine.

Here is one more tip if you are really going to deep vacuuming it would be wise to change our your vacuum bag and filters. Many people today do not want to change bags until they are full but, the suction is reduced so much you are making a big mistake when you decide not to change vacuum bag. Make sure your vacuum power head is clean and free of hair and large strings this will slow the roller down from brushing your carpets. Make sure you are not rushing through your vacuuming as well. The slower you vacuum you will pick up more dirt and dust. Keep in mind if you are only vacuuming once a week or less you need to slow your vacuuming down more. This will help you too have that home that reflects a complete level of interior cleaning. This is one big factor we are rated the best Cleaning Service Center Moriches NY with all our local homeowners of Center Moriches New York.

What else can you do to help you achieve a thoroughly cleaned home. Vacuum all material curtains and bed skirts plush or stuffed animals. Keep in mind anything that will catch dust like couch and cushions and throw pillows. Get all blankets out to cleaners at least once a year as well. Keep in mind your small area rugs should be vacuumed completely edge to edge even back sides if you can not vacuum the back side of throw rugs with power head at least vacuum them with soft floor brush to remove as much dirt and dust you can. If you can wash them wash them but, only if really needed. I have found too much washing of any rugs will break them down and you will need to replace them. We want to keep all our local clients happy with very clean homes. You can be apart of this cleaning process too. Find how to be another satisfied client that will rate us the best Cleaning Service Center Moriches NY Click Here

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Best Maid Cleaning Eastern Long Island New York

Are you looking to get help for your interior house cleaning? We are rated The Best Maid Cleaning Eastern Long Island New York. Why should you do your homework these days before you start up any new cleaning service? It is always a great rule of thumb to do your homework before you move forward to hire any new cleaning service or maid service in your home. Keep in mind everyone claims to do a great job cleaning these days. What are the biggest things you should consider when you hire a new cleaning service or maid service? You should find out what the cleaning you want will cost? The next big thing is how will they preform your cleaning you want done in your home?  This being said, what products will they use to clean your home? We like to clean a clients home using the products they want. Find out with your new service how would they go about cleaning a certain area of your home? This will outline what kind of level of cleaning you will be paying for.

The next thing you should be asking is the amount of time it would take to clean your home on a regular basis? This could be described as we do in teams of two service providers so it's called man hours are cut down to one hour for every two hours or work. This meaning if one person does cleaning alone it would take two hours but, if cleaning was to be done with two service providers it would take only one hour for a cleaning. This would give you two hours of cleaning in less time but more complete. Why? We have found over time you can put more time in certain areas if you work in teams then just by cleaning yourself. This is another reason we are rated The Best Maid Cleaning Eastern Long Island New York. What else can we speak about to outline you getting exactly what you need and want from your new cleaning service or maid service you are looking to hire soon.

You should ask to see the cleaning services insurance and bonding? Do this can ensure you are protected beyond your own homeowners insurance. These days you can not take a risk that the new cleaning service you are about to hire is insured because policies expire and sometimes they are not re-enforced again for what ever reason. This could be a big mistake for the cleaning service business owner and the home owner as well. The price can be so much cheaper because two reasons you cleaning level will not complete or your new cleaning service is not properly insured. You have to do your homework and make the right choices so you can get the cleaning you want and deserve. If you are in the local areas of these five towns of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches or Moriches, New York we could your new cleaning service. Check out our customer testimonies link on our website.  Keep in mind we are rated The Best Maid Cleaning Eastern Long Island New York Click Here

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Top Rated Maid Service

Why pick a Top Rated Maid Service?  Do you live in Manorville, Eastport, Moriches, East Moriches or Center Moriches, New York? Keep in mind it is all about service and consistency with every cleaning hands down. We all get this but, what else comes to your mind when you are thinking about getting your home cleaned or as we call it detailed? You might be one who wants the cleaning or maid service work completed at a certain day and time on regular basis. We do consider all these options when we set up to give your no risk in home estimate. Why would this be so important? Keep in mind this is your home you should have the clearance to have your home back to yourself and your family as quickly as possible so you can do what you want for the rest of the day.

Now let us speak about other reasons why you should consider a Top Rated Maid Service. Many of your local neighbors already use our service and took the time to rated us. This being said, they already did the leg work for you. I am aware just seeing something in plain text is not enough for some potential new clients. We have set up live referrals you can speak to at your time and will so you can hear from their mouths live on the phone. This could bring a full circle around the kind of reinforcement you need to commit to starting your new maid service in your home on recurring basis. I think it is a good thing to map out other reasons why you might be here at this blog post. You know as you clean your own home you might come across things as you are cleaning that may need extra attention such as a leaky pipe under sink or a leaky value that hooks up to toilet bowl. You would make a note of this and get it fixed ASAP. We do take care of these things as in mention to our clients so they can get it fixed and not have a future problem.

I have found for many years now treat customers homes as they were your own home. Our clients really appreciate this kind of extra care with their homes. Something else we do that make us stand out from most other maid services. We do customize room by room exactly the kind of cleaning you want done down to exactly what products we will be using to get each room cleaned. Why does this matter in a cleaning service? Keep in mind if we speak on the day of your free in home estimate for your maid service. You decide to start up with recurring cleaning on regular basis. How can we be sure what you want cleaned is going to get done on every cleaning treatment? We can not be calling our maid service targeted cleaning room by room with out a complete designed plan of action. This is just one more thing that helps you get the complete cleaning you are paying for on regular basis. I think now you are starting to see the importance of choosing a Top Rated Maid Service Click Here

Friday, March 8, 2013

Disinfecting the Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective

Many people forget the most important thing is to clean and disinfect your refrigerator. Today's blog post will help you learn about Disinfecting the Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective. Do you realize how many germs and bacteria can be lurking in your biggest asset your refrigerator? Let us discover why this happens? This can happen by storing something that may be leaking food juices. This also can be storing something that is not properly covered or left uncovered. Keep in mind a healthy refrigerator starts with keeping things in tightly sealed bowls and dishes so the air can not get to them as well as any juices do not leak out as well.. So now let us speak about what happens if juices leak out in your refrigerator. If this happens you will not only see it but you mostly likely can smell it as well.
You should do a rule of thumb to clean refrigerator once a month. You might be thinking how can I start the process of Disinfecting Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective? It is very basic and simple but as I stated very effective. Just start by using a small pail or bowl fill with warm water. I like to use baking soda in my water to not only clean but deodorize as well. If you have stubborn stains you can use something more powerful in clean warm water a cup of bleach. I suggest you use caution when you use bleach not to mix with anything but plain water. Keep in mind when you use bleach you need to be careful not to stain your clothes or any fabrics in your area of cleaning. Something else that can work well with your baking soda and warm water wash you can add some white vinegar in your pail it will fizz a little but once done it will help to degrease anything that may be greasy in your cleaning of your refrigerator.
Once you get your refrigerator cleaned and dried now you will be ready to keep this area fresh and cleaning smelling for one full month. Go buy yourself from local store two small boxes of baking soda write date on box open top half way or all the way place one in refrigerator and one in freezer. You might be thinking why freezer/ It will keep your freezer fresh and clean smelling even your ice will not have any odor. Keep in mind your baking soda boxes must be changed every month. This is why I suggest you write date on box or at least the month. If you keep up with these steps your foods and ice and more will be fresher and have zero odor as well. Keeping your food fresh and clean is something not only you will find helpful but your family will be so grateful as well. Easy steps for Disinfecting Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective more help with your home click here

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disinfecting kitchen countertops

Is it really important to make sure you are disinfecting kitchen countertops? Yes, absolutely it is the same cleaning concept for kitchen counter tops to be cleaned properly as you would clean your bathroom. Why? Keep in mind when we do any kind of cooking we could be dripping food juices and this could dry up on countertops. This is what makes it essential to properly disinfect your counter tops when you clean your kitchen. I will take you through some steps on how you can get your counter tops disinfected properly without ruining your countertops. If you have the newer countertops as in Granite you should consider to do simple disinfecting steps as follows. Start by setting up a basin or pail/bucket of hot water with antibacterial soap a sudsy solution wash countertops down rinse with clear water dry with soft dry towel. Your granite counter tops should be clean and shiny as your hand washed dishware after a dinner party.

You might be thinking what if I do not have Granite countertops? You can use this simple basic steps on any counter top to help you with disinfecting kitchen counter tops. If you want to bring up your cleaning to a stronger product be careful with what you choose it may harm your countertops or fabric in your kitchen or something you are wearing. The old school way to disinfect hands down is Bleach and water mixture. I must caution you that this bleach and water mixture for disinfecting your countertops can be too powerful so be careful. You also might be thinking what should I do in between on my speed cleaning of my kitchen countertops if I do not do cooking in my kitchen. I would still recommend you do same steps because whether you cook or just in kitchen touching countertops they will still need more attention to disinfect them. Keep in mind if you want to properly clean them.

Now that we are speaking about countertops you might be thinking my granite counter tops are not as glossy as they were when I installed them. You may want to think about getting granite gloss spray shine. This can be done once counter tops are cleaned and disinfected so you can shine up a properly cleaned surface. Keep in mind once you shine your counter tops they will be protected from water and most staining. Something to realize once your countertops are glossy and shinny they may make anything you put on them glide over them fast. This being said, be careful you do not break anything. I say this because the shinier the surface the more slippery it is wet or dry so be careful. There are so many things we will be speaking about over time on my helpful tips blog for cleaning of interior of homes. If you are looking for interior cleaning of what we discussed here today as in disinfecting kitchen countertops click here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Keep Shower Doors New

These days many people are installing clear glass doors on their bathroom showers. This being said, the big question these days is; How to keep shower doors new? Let us go back to help anyone that their shower doors are dull and full of soap scum. You will need to clean your shower doors with a soap scum remover cleaner. If you have time use basis steps simply wet and sprinkle baking soda and your glass doors. They will dry up pulling off soap scum. Keep in mind your glass doors might still need a water softener to get off water stains of lime and calcium deposits. You can buy a product to remove this as well. once your shower doors are clean and clear we need to protect them

I have found that if you have the time to dry your shower out with old towel after each use you too will never have to work hard to keep your shower looking like new all the time. Keeping your shower dry will help keep mold and mildew bold up down not only in shower but in your bathroom as well. Keep in mind this day and age many people are too pressed for time. That being said, you might have to follow the steps above and protect your glass shower doors and you too will not have to ask that big question of how to keep shower doors new?

Now that your shower is clean your showers doors look like new again. Here is the big tip for you to keep your shower doors perfect going forward. It's simple once you read it you too might say why didn't I think of this myself. Your glass shower doors are clean clear and dry. Apply your favorite car wax to inside of doors. Once wax dries buff off with soft cloth until glass is clear and streak free. Why? This will keep anything from sticking to it as in soap scum. When you take your daily showers the water on your glass doors will just run off. Never allowing soap to stick to them anymore. If you know me I will hardly suggest any specific products to use. My suggestion is use something that has been around for the test of time. You maybe one that needs help in your own home in the local area of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches and Moriches Long Island New York with your interior house cleaning we can help you with that big question of How to keep shower doors new click here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY

Why would any homeowner request Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY? There are many reasons for this request these days. Many home makers are both working harder than ever before. The simple request for Maid Service at your place of residence is something that is very common today. We need to go through what one should be looking for when requesting any type of maid service. I know you might be thinking I know check the pricing? Yes, nut there is so much more you should be doing other then pricing on your maid service request.  You should have them come in to give a written free in home estimate you can see just what you will be paying for on regular basis. Something else you should find out how will they be cleaning each area of your home. This being said, what would be their cleaning procedure of exactly what products will be used or not used. This is a big one if you do not want you item in your home damaged. Keep in mind Kitchen and Bathrooms should not only be cleaned but disinfected right down to floors as well.

The request of Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY  is also a  time saver for you and your family. Why? It will not require you having to do your interior home cleaning anymore if it's done properly. Keep in mind this day and age we all value our time. You as the person requesting maid service if select the right company can have your cleaning time in your home cut down by as much as half the time it will take one person to clean your home. What do i mean when I state this in my Blog? My company we work in teams of two service providers to get work done in half the time it would take only one person to clean same home. This will get your home cleaner on a more complete clean every cleaning. This kind of cleaning arrangement will help you get your home back freed up for you faster. This will allow your home to be cleaned faster and freed up so you can enjoy your home the way you want too once cleaning is complete.

Let me give some more points on what else yous hould be thinking about when you decide to hire any maid service. Are they bonded and Insured? Do the same service providers come on every visit to your home? Do they offer customized room by room cleaning so you and they know exactly what is to be cleaned on every cleaning treatment? If supplies are needed are they going to alert on what is needed ahead of time so you will not always be running out for supplies? How will they cut back but, still keep cleaning quality up? This really meaning use less paper towels and less glass cleaner and a mop that can be cleaned with every cleaning and last for years with out replacing it. There are ways you can keep your home cleaner with the vacuuming that is done on regular basis. Keep in mind if you have a bag less vacuum or bagged vacuum. You must be up on or service providers be up on regular bag changing or cleaning of dirt cup and filters. This will deliver a better and better clean all through your home. Even if a  cleaning service provides a vacuum I still would suggest use your own vacuum. Why? Allergies can be transferred to your home from other homes. Be on safe side use your own vacuum you will be glad you did it. We are helping so many homeowners Eastern Long island NY in the local area of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches and Moriches NY. We can help you as well. If you still wish to request Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY Click Here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY

Find out why we are rated The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY. We do offer room by room customized interior cleaning of your home. This kind of cleaning will get your homes interior the kind of cleaning you want. We call this kind of cleaning targeted cleaning. Many of our clients' are equally saying, that we are the best cleaning service they have had in quite some time. I do realize cleaning a home is not an easy task. This is why I decided to work in teams of two service providers. This makes the cleaning work load much easier and your home will get a more even deeper clean on regular basis.

Let me give more reasons this kind of targeted interior cleaning is working better for our homeowners we are working with in the Eastport & Manorville area. The cleaning is getting done on a more even basis. This kind of interior home cleaning is key if you want your home to look excellent with each cleaning treatment. There is something to said for a home that is cleaned on regular basis. This home will not need a big over haul cleaning at any point of the year. Why? If your home is getting cleaned correctly on regular basis there should be no need for this kind of interior cleaning.

What other reasons are local homes owners saying that we are  The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY. We set up for your cleaning day on Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly basis with a day and time and we stick to this appointment almost all the time. This kind of schedule helps our homeowners plan what they want to do and know we will be there to do the interior cleaning on day and time we set up. We value our time as well as our clients time. Staffing is set up in teams of two service providers this like stated above will help cut cleaning work load down for a more even complete cleaning. Keep in mind if one person cleans your home in four hours two people would have work completed in two hours time. This will not only give you a more even cleaning but give back you home so you can go to what you need to do that day as well.

Something else that many people have a problem with these days is changing of staff almost all the time on almost every cleaning treatment. Let us face it staff will not always be working with one company forever. I get what many people are concern with on staff always changing from one cleaning to the next. We almost always deliver the same staff from treatment to treatment. There are many other factors why our clients rate us the best cleaning service. Here is your chance to learn more about who we are and why so many homeowners are saying we are The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY Click Here

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleaning Windows with No Streaks

How many times have you set out to clean your windows only to find out that you are not really cleaning windows with no streaks. You stand back and take a look at your windows and you get so upset. This kind of issue will make many say I give up and then you will say' I will do my windows another time. When this happens you may never do your windows on your home. Keep in mind having clean streak free windows put that final touch on your homes look inside and out. So back to my original topic on cleaning windows with no streaks. How can you get this done without getting so frustrated?

I would like to just say it really is simple. Once you learn a few simple steps to get this number one chore right every time. The best part is that once you follow these steps you will say let it rain on my windows. I do not care anymore. Why? The more it rains the better your windows will look. I think I have your attention now. Here we go here is one more thing you will not need paper and a pen for this one. I know you too will remember because it is so basic you too will say why didn't i think of this.

Now here we go step one of cleaning windows with no streaks. Start by using warm water in clean pail with just a drop of dish soap from Kitchen sink. When I say a drop like a pin head size drop it will just make a small amount of bubbles in your water. Use soft terry cloth rags. You can cut up old towels so you will have many as they get dirty change them and use new ones as needed. Keep in mind the as the pail water gets dirty change water. Simply make up new mild soap and water solution repeat steps above. Start by washing windows with soap and water solution. Then if needed rinse with plain warm water if you can go outside use garden hose to rinse clean. If not just rinse with plain warm water in another pial of bucket and fresh new cloth until clean. The next step dry with soft terry cloth towel or rag buff until completely dry. This will leave you with all your windows with no more streaks.

Here is my final step I would like to recommend that after windows are cleaned inside and out. Close windows and lock windows as well. Fill pail with water use a couple of spoonfuls of car wash solution it will give you a soapy solution to work with. Keep in mind it is okay to have a sudsy solution for this final step. Now you can go over outside of your windows wash with extension wash wand something you can use on your car. Now you will need to rinse with plain water from your garden hose rinse cleanand clear. There will be no need to dry these windows this time because you now sealed the glass from water spots. Your windows will dry up after each rainfall to a streak free shine for months to come. The car wash solution I would recommend to use is one that states on the bottle will leave no water spots. Now you have the few simple but powerful steps for cleaning windows with no streaks for more tips click here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Clean Laminate Floors

Many homeowners today have laminate floors in their homes. The big question is How To Clean Laminate Floors? The cleaning is very basic. I recently contacted one of the big laminate flooring companies on this very question. My reply back was very basic cleaning of warm water well wrung mop or spot clean with a mister bottle and non soapy or sudsy solution. My question was how can I disinfect this flooring due to having pets? The reply back was to use a 1/3 cup of clear ammonia to one gallon of water. Here is another idea add a cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water. My thought was it really is basic and very simple. Why? If we use anything else with a sudsy or soapy mixture it will build up and dull flooring or make spots on laminate flooring.

Here is my own thought on these cleaning options. if you need to mop with more then plain warm water. You should consider a second step and rinse with plain water to ensure your floor is completely rinsed clean. What kind of mop could you use on the cleaning of these floors? Choose a mop you can wring out very dry or at least gage what type of wetness you want to use. Keep in mind when this question comes to mind as in How To Clean Laminate Floors? You must remember you are not cleaning tile floors it is a laminate floor. This being said, extra care should be taken. This is why I decided to do a post on my Blog about this very topic.

Let us take this one step farther. Are you considering the fact to minimizing floor scratches? If yes, here are some tips for this aspect of keeping your laminate floors looking excellent. You should consider placing small area rugs near high traffic areas near doors and hallways. I know you thinking I got flooring not to have rugs. Keep in mind the area rugs come in so many sizes get just enough to help you minimize scratching. Get area rugs mats that do not show foot prints low pile rugs with non skid backs. Something else you should consider is if you have laminate flooring in bedrooms place rubber or felt feet under bed legs and table and chairs as well. Taking the time to do these quick steps will help you keep your flooring looking excellent for years to come.

The first step before you mop should be a thorough vacuuming with soft floor brush to ensure floors are dirt or grit and dust free completely. Keep in mind no matter how much you mop if your floor is dusty it will dry up just as dusty after mopped. Vacuuming your floors is very important for a complete clean. Keep in mind this will get all the grit off flooring that tracks in from outside. These are a few great tips so you too can have a laminate floor that looks like new for years to come. So many things we are purchasing for our homes today need a basic and simple approach to cleaning them. Now you are armed with the tools and tips for your laminate flooring to share with you friends when you hear this question. To find out more about your home cleaning check out How To Clean Laminate Floors Click Here

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to remove soap scum from your shower

We all want to know this answer of How to remove soap scum from your shower? Keep in mind no matter what soap you use you will end up with soap scum build up if not cleaned on daily basis. Who has the time to clean their shower on a daily basis anyway? Here is how we conquered removing soap scum from showers in our clients homes. First off no matter what cleaner you decide to use you must soften the soap scum on your shower walls and base. How can you do this you might be thinking? We use warm to hot water either from sink or if needed really hot water we boil it in a pot on stove use something like a tea kettle so you will not burn yourself when pouring it. Once soap scum is softened then apply your favorite cleaner. Keep in mind you do need to disinfect your shower as well. Keeping this in mind you should think about is the cleaner you are about use is this cleaner a disinfectant.

So what if you shower still is giving you a hard time to clean maybe because there is such a build up on it of soap scum. Then I would recommend you do these steps a few times this should be a great start to finally discover how to remove soap scum from your shower easily and effectively without breaking your budget or spending so much time on it but getting it done. Keep in mind sometimes we even will use a heavy  scrub brush with cleaner this will help you not have to put so much pressure in scouring to remove the soap scum. The stores sell a safety scrub sponge that will not harm your fixtures you can use as well to help you remove your soap scum from your shower and tub base.

Now that your shower and tub is free of soap scum I would like to ask you this question; is your shower or tub discolored? If your answer is yes, you could consider doing one more step and using a bleach cleaner on it to bring back to it's original color. It make take a few times you might have to let it sit or stand on shower or tub a bit so it can do it's work then rinse with fresh water. Bleach can be a wonderful thing but, keep in mind it can damage things as well so we must be careful what we use bleach on and where we use it. As a rule never mix bleach with anything except water. This will always keep you on safe side of making a cleaning turn into a nightmare. We do offer other ways to help you with cleaning you home or even to find out more on How to remove saop scum from your shower click here 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Polishing Wood Furniture

Do you remember years ago polishing wood furniture? It sometimes was a joke the things people used on their wood furniture. I am posting this today with such conviction because, we used to go to our relatives homes and they would be using cheap spray cleaners and polishes to clean and polish their wood furniture. What would this do in long the run although leaving a nice shine this polish will cake up on your wood furniture. Why are you polishing your wood furniture anyway? Maybe to keep its shine and luster and to prevent your wood furniture from drying out...Right? Sometimes people just like to use furniture polish when they dust to remove more dust.

Keep in mind when you dust your furniture you can use a damp dry soft cloth. When I suggest using a damp dry cloth you can get this kind of cloth by wetting your hands and dry them off on the cloth you will use for dusting. Keep doing this until your cloth is damp dry not wet. I also like to use a soft brush attachment to vacuum off furniture then it will be dust free for sure. Let us go through ideas of things you can use for polishing wood furniture. You should know me by now let us go back to simple and basic. The old fashion lemon oil in shaker bottle with soft absorbent cloth does wonders for keeping wood furniture from drying out. The key thing here is to use just enough not too much lemon oil and buff off with clean dry soft cloth. You will get the shine but, no wax build up. Keep in mind using lemon oil it will be a little greasy but, this lemon oil will go into wood furniture within a short period of time. This will condition your wood furniture all in one step. What else could you consider to use on your furniture if your wood furniture gets direct sun on it.

I have clients that have fine furniture all through their homes and they even have wood furniture in their front foyer area. This area gets so much direct sunlight that we decided to treat the wood furniture with furniture polish with sun tan oil with UV protection in it. Many years later the wood furniture still looks like new. It has been well protected and treated from start on a regular routine basis. Keep in mind you do not have to treat or polish your furniture weekly. 

I will not list any specific furniture polishes you can use but, I will state when you decide to treat your wood furniture buy upgraded quality well known polishes. Keep in mind it's your wood furniture you want to it keep looking like new for a long time. Taking care of your wood furniture will only reward you in years to come. I do realize the true value of taking good care of a home starting with all your interior items. This kind of mindset you can enjoy your whole home interior for years to come without replacing things over and over again.  If you need help on more ways we can help you with polishing wood furniture click here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum

Many people have debated over this very question when cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum? What is better many ask me on regular basis? Well, there are two sides to this question. Let us go through the both vacuums and what they can do for you as you clean your home. Let us start off with an upright vacuum. This vacuum can be an easy fix for speed vacuuming. Why? It is easy to move around and compact but, let us keep in mind the upright vacuum although it's easy to move around and fast it will also allow you to leave out many areas you should be cleaning when you clean. You might be thinking but, that does not need to be done when I clean. This may be the case but, when will you get to these areas? Sometimes almost never. Why? When using a upright you tend to say I will get to it later and this goes on and on and sometimes never gets done or better yet it does not get cleaned correctly. What am I speaking about when I state this in my post today? What about edges of your room can you get them with your upright vacuum? I know there are attachment tools on board but, are they really that easy or even effective to use to get this one but, big task done on regular basis? What about stairs this is more than always a big tough task to get done right with any upright. There is more but, I think you are getting my point.

Now let us talk more about cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum. I have to admit something here at start up of my cleaning business I loved uprights over the two piece vacuums. Within a month I found myself saying I hope this next home we get has a two piece vacuum? Why? It is so much easier to get more done in less time with a two piece vacuum. What can we do with this kind of vacuum? Let us go through list first off this kind of vacuum can vacuum and dust all wood and tile floors completely.  It will allow you to vacuum stairs bare steps and rugged steps alike completely. There is no way you will miss an edge of any room for another cleaning. Keep in mind when needed you have easy access to get done right away with two piece vacuum. Never mind dusting lamp shades and couches or sofas even mattresses and even under the whole bed whether its' bare floors or rugged it is truly easier with two piece vacuum. This is not about what is better it should be thought of what will help get more done easier and complete. Keep in mind they are many vacuums you can buy and or use but, what can help you get more done at one time so in the end you will not have to spend so much time cleaning. This is the big picture of cleaning your home with the vacuum that works for you and your home. Right?

This is what I tell my clients go borrow a two piece vacuum from your family member or a friend invest in getting them a package of vacuum bags as a thank you. I know it once you use and experience this vacuum you too will be going out to out to purchase a two piece vacuum for yourself. This is a one time investment that will give so much back to you and your home over the years. When you select a new vacuum go to good vacuum store pick something with a solid name something that has been around the test of time. It is a tool the biggest tool your home has when you clean so get something you too will love to use on regular basis. This tool is like your car it will take care of your home more then you realize. I hope this post answers the questions many have when it come to cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum click here

Monday, May 30, 2011

How Can I Clean My Stainless Steel Appliances

Many homeowners today are deciding to go with stainless steel appliances. Here is where the question of how can I clean my stainless steel appliances is often asked. There are many things you can do to clean your stainless steel appliances. Let us focus on the simple approach for those who know me this will always be my starting point. You can clean your stainless steel appliances with damp cloth of plain warm water go with steel grain lines. What do I mean when I say go with steel grain or wiping side to side? Going with the grain of steel or side to side on most appliances up and down or side by side refrigerators. You can try to use only one kind of window cleaner always and clean paper towels again go with the grain of steel lines. This should remove finger prints and grease without leaving anything but, a stainless steel shine like new.

You may be one who started to use stainless steel polishes out on the market today. That is fine just keep going forward only using polish as you need it. The polish should be applied again with the grain of the steel. I have found putting on too much steel polish the steel becomes too greasy and will attract more on the surface. You can use damp cloth to touch up in between polishing of your stainless steel. These are a few easy ways you be armed with a solution for the question of How can I clean my stainless steel appliances? There is more that can be cleaned in your kitchen as far stainless steel comes into play. What about your stove top griddle. This can be cleaned right away as you use with club soda poured on hot griddle and wipe to clean. If your griddle is needing to be cleaned at later time after you used next day or so heat up your griddle then apply club soda on griddle wipe off with clean paper towel or cleaning cloth until clean.

Here is something else you can do to clean your stainless steel kitchen sink. You can use stainless polish but before you do this you may not want to first do this if you get it really clean it may be shinny enough for you. Your kitchen sink should be cleaned with a disinfectant. What can you use I like to use a mild cleanser so there will not be any scratching.. I also like to use foam bathroom cleaner on stainless steel sinks it not only cleans them by puts a shinny shine even when it's dry. You can use club soda to clean your sink after you disinfect it. Lemon juice and salt works nice on steels steel just be careful not to scrub really hard go with grain of steel so you will not put scratches in your steel sink. Now, that I am speaking about lemon and salt you can use this same solution on your stainless steel pots to clean off grease and stains in your pots. To learn more than just how can I clean my stainless steel appliances click here

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains?

Today's post is speaking about removing stains. One big question I get asked is How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? This is something I hope you never have to do but, if you do. There is an easy solution to help you out. Red Wine can be tough but, you can reverse red wine stain by using white wine in area stained with red wine. Blot out stain with clean dry light absorbent cloth once stain is out continue to blot with clean light/white colored cloth dry it up. Once area is just damp dry then proceed to rinse area with clean water by applying small amounts of clean water with mister bottle then blot dry with clean dry light/white cloth. Do this a few times until wine odor is removed. Let dry with fan brush area if rug or carpet before it dries so fibers will not have matted look to them once fully dried. When area is completely dry vacuum several times going in different directions to ensure area looks like new.

There are many other simple things you can do to removed other stains from your home. I like to do the simple approach rather them making stain worse. To remove a fresh stain you can use right away a little club soda or seltzer water and light colored or white absorbent cloth to blot to pick up stain. Do not rub in stain blot to remove stain then go over affected area until stain is removed. This is one more thing that can help you with not only the question How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains and other stains that happen in your home. Here is something else you can do if you get a stain out in your home if you have laundry stain remover you can proceed to remove most stains from your home with these products. Something to keep in mind if you are not sure of the fabric you are cleaning test small area where you will not see to make sure it will work without damaging your items.

It is always best to remove stains once they happen if time goes by for what ever reason know that the stain may get lighter and will not come out completely some of the time. Something else I would like to suggest that you just test and you too will love the cleaning power of cooking and grease stains a new product called Greased Lighting this product on most items works like a charm but, like I stated before test small area not seen to make sure it will not damage your item. Most stains I am speaking about are stains done to fabric that are washable fabrics not leathers and swede or non washable fabric so be careful what you attempt to clean. We all want to enjoy our homes but, keep them in tip top shape. We all enjoy helping others do the same this is why I decided to set up this cleaning blog. There is so much more you can find out not just How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? Click Here  

Friday, May 27, 2011

How can I clean my wood floors

There are many ways you can clean your hardwood floors. This simple but tricky question is still being asked by many of our clients when we start cleaning their home. Here is the question I am almost always asked: How can I clean my wood floors? Like I stated before there are many ways you can clean your hard wood floors. Keep in mind go simple so you will not bend your budget or harm your wood floors in the long term. Many will say clean your floors even tile with a small amount of white vinegar and warm water damp mop so they are not too wet. Keep in mind they are wood floors. I personally like to use a small amount of Murphy's Oil Soap in cold water. I have found this keeps the shine and helps protect the hard wood floors for future use everyday wear and tear use. Yes, there are hard wood cleaners and mop kits you can purchase to do your wood floors.Let us keep in mind this kind of wood floor treatment can be done monthly but, if you want to do a regular cleaning of your floors the simple basic is the best cleaning choice.

Something else you need to remember about your hard wood floors. They are real wood so just damp mop them so floors do not remain very wet. This will help you keep your wood floors in excellent condition. What kind of mop are you using to do your floor cleaning? You should consider a mop you can wring out very well so your mop will get cleaned in cleaning solution and you can wring it out to damp dry mop to keep your floors not from getting too wet. This will help you clean your wood floors but protect them so they do not get too wet. These few things explained in this post will help when the question comes up on How can I clean my wood floors?

One more thing you should know. If your floors are not too dirty just use plain cool water and damp mop them but, you should always give your floors a good vacuuming with soft brush to dust them so you will achieve not only clean floor and a dust free floor once floor is dried. A good regular vacuuming will keep sand and grit down to slow down the scratching of your hard wood floors. You might not realize this but, if your floor is dusty and you mop it before vacuuming your floor will dry up just as dusty. Maybe you have hard wood floors that are not real wood you can clean them with a simple white vinegar and cool water or cold water with a drop of a pin head size dot of mild dish soap and damp mop your floors will be clean and looking like new for years to come. There is so much out there you spend money on to clean your hard wood floors. I like to keep it simple but, get the job done without the harsh long term wear and tear so you can have your floors looking like new for many years to come. To find out more about how can I clean my wood floors click here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How can I keep my granite looking like new?

There are many things you can use on your granite. If you are asking the simple question of how can I keep my granite looking like new? You can start as a good practice to clean your granite with granite cleaner. I like to use regular dish soap in warm water mixture in pail simply wash and rinse and dry to high shine this can simple cleaning step can be used with out high cost and your granite will look like new for many years to come. You might be thinking what about antibacterial to really clean my granite especially my counter tops? Great question use antibacterial dish soap with warm water solution rinse with plain warm water and then dry to high gloss your granite will not only be clean but always stay shinny too.
Let us talk about short cuts people are using glass cleaner on their granite because they think it is a quick clean and shine. Keep in mind this kind of cleaning can and will dull your granite over time. Why is this happening because of this harsh cleaning solution? Make no mistake this over time your granite will dull out completely. Sometimes shortcuts hurt us with our things we love like our shinny granite at end of our busy day. Keep in mind the simple basic things work best if you are just starting out with granite or have it already change up your routine so you too can enjoy your granite for years to come looking like new by keeping it shinny and beautiful. I decided to set up this post to help anyone who is asking this simple but, very power question of how can I keep my granite looking like new?
Something else you should think about with granite counter tops. If you have a party and someone puts down a beer bottle on your granite it will stain and the stain will not come out of your granite. Be careful with your garnite counter tops use coasters so this kind of staining will never happen to you. This was a tip one of my clients shared with me about her black granite counter tops. This did happen to her and she shared this me and I wanted to get this tip out to you so you can be armed with this information. These are some things to help you keep your granite looking like new for years to come. Let us all face if we can keep our things in our homes clean and like new. If you spread your time and money wisely you can to do more in your home as in fixing up as your home needs it. Find out more about How can I keep my granite looking like new Click Here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York

Do you feel it's important to have the right cleaning service to work at your home? It is simple of course you do and we do equally as well. We are rated the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York. We are committed to excellence on the service we provide our local residents of Moriches NY and surrounding area. So what kind of cleaning do want done on your home? We do offer recurring cleaning service custom room by room custom interior home cleaning. I would like to call it custom detailing your home room by room. Why do we do this kind of cleaning? This kind of custom cleaning or as I would like to say detailing was designed to target the kind of cleaning you want and deserve to have preformed on your own home. We go over with you and room by room of what you want done and what you want used so the cleaning will be cleaned as if you did yourself. This kind of targeted cleaning to us makes sense give the clients what they want and what they are paying for as well with every cleaning treatment.

Are you currently getting you home cleaned the way you want it? If you are not there is a reason it might be there is no solid direction on exactly what you want done in your home as far as the cleaning is concerned. We have realized very early on that custom targeted cleaning is what our clients need and love to have done on a recurring basis. This will help you too never have to deal with Spring or Fall cleaning ever again. Now, I bet this cleaning concept puts a big smile on your face. Keep in mind even if you never do Spring and Fall cleaning because someone does for you. It still takes time out of your day of enjoying your home without someone there cleaning it. If you have targeted cleaning you will never have to spend more time and money to do Spring and Fall cleanings ever with our service. This is one more thing that makes us the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York. This is your time to check out what your options are and why would you consider us to help you with your home cleaning.

There is more I can share to help you understand who we are and what we are doing to help our local residents with their home cleaning needs. We work in teams of two so your home will get cleaned faster but, more complete on a deeper level because the work load is split into two people doing the cleaning work load. The man hours are still the same but, the time is lessened because we work in teams of two. For example if you home takes four hours with one person cleaning it this would be described as four man hours the time would be lessened to two hours with two people. This will also help you have your own home back to yourself faster on regular basis. Many of our clients love this one factor of what we do as well. We all know this day and age our time of our days go by so fast so when we can preserve your time and help get you back to enjoying your clean home again in a shorter period of time this makes sense for us and you as well too. There is more you can find out on why we are the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York  Click Here 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why is my home building up with dust?

This is one more question we hear very often before we start to clean a home for a new client. There are many factors to this question of why is my home building up with dust? We will go over many things you may or may not already know. Here is one big factor your vacuum is you vacuum bag needing to be emptied? Let us keep in mind if we wait until the vacuum bag is packed your vacuuming is not being done as good as it can be done. Someone reading this post maybe saying, I do not use bags. You might have a bag less vacuum then check dirt cup start with clean bag or cup when cleaning your home. When using a dirt cup you may need to clean filter or replace filter on routine basis. The next thing you need to think about is how much time are you vacuuming your home? The vacuuming time should be brought up in a way that you can spend more time vacuuming and less time dusting. This will cut back your dusting time to almost half the time in future dustings of your home.

Here is something else to help you figure out why is my home building up with dust? Check your clothes dryer vent and hose connection. Is it dirty or even better yet is your vent hose leaking? You can see this even without moving dryer by touching all around dryer is it dusty? This is big factor in cutting down your dust in your home. Something else many of us forget to do as in to vacuum floors with soft brush not just rugs. This will dust them so when you mop floors they will be cleaned of dirt and grime and dry to a dust free floor. Did you know the dust on your floor will dry back up to dust after you mop it? It is true so a regular floor vacuum with a soft brush tool will help you achieve a more dust free home.

Here is something else you can do to bring down your dust levels in your home. vacuum your fabrics as in curtains and blinds or shades and fabric furniture as in fabric sofas and lamp shades. Let us never forget to vacuum our mattress and bed pillows by using small attachments and really take your time to ensure you are really cleaning your items free of dust. If you have small children vacuum their plush or stuff animals. Keep in mind you can set your own times to do extra fabric vacuuming monthly. Your test is go in sunlight and hit fabric item do you see dust pushing out when you hit this item in the sunlight? If yes, it's time to do vacuuming of these items. I would say a good rule of thumb would be monthly. Something else you should be vacuuming and replacing your A/C and heating filters monthly on heavy use times and as needed in between times. If you have regular baseboard heating vacuum out baseboards with your vacuum crevice tool and soft brush vacuum the baseboard covers as well. These are all good ways you can finally resolve the big question of Why is my home building up with dust Click Here

Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Clean Windows and MIrrors Leaving No More Streaks

This is a big burning question for many people who clean windows and mirrors for a streak free shine. So you might be one more person with an interest on How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks? This is one big factor that many people may or may not realize. Windows should never be cleaned in the sun or extreme heat. This will produce streaks all the time. The second big factor is if you use one glass product all the time this will help you keep the streaking down. Keep in mind some glass cleaning products use ammonia some glass cleaning products do not use ammonia and this will clash using other brands and cause streaking on your glass and mirrors. Once you read through this post you too will say to yourself wow that is so easy why didn’t I think of this before reading this post. Sometimes things are so simple to do when we take out all the need to always be spending more money on different cleaners the basic simple ways is key when cleaning some things in our homes today.

Here is another tip you could consider start by washing your windows with mild soap and water and rinse them with clear water then dry. The next step is to clean your windows with your glass cleaner this will bring up the shine and help you achieve a streak free shine. Something else you consider if you are really into keeping your windows cleaner in between cleanings. Wash your windows with a car wash cleaner. It you choose to do this kind of clean approach for your windows. You will NOT need to use glass cleaner. The biggest factor when we get rain storms your windows will rinse to a clear streak free shine. I use to do my apartment windows like this and they use to have to be cleaned only once a year and I was positioned just off a main highway with lots of road dirt from high levels of exhaust from cars and trucks. This is one more way you too can find out How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks.

You might be thinking so what about my streaky mirrors? Many people never think about this one big factor inside we never think about why our mirrors streak. Did you ever rinse or even wash you’re inside mirrors? Let us keep in mind we are not suggesting to wash your mirrors with soap and water just wash with plain warm water and do this until you hear squeaking when you run your wet cloth over your mirror. Once you hear this squeaky clean noise dry your mirror with soft lint free cloth until completely dry. Your mirror should not only be streak free but, it should look like new and very deep because the buildup of glass cleaner is all off your mirror now. Notice I never speak about the of use of paper towels this is my green approach way of cleaning and saving the earth and also saving you money too. To find out more then just How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks click here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island

Are in in need of a cleaning service Eastern Long Island? We are now serving Moriches Center Moriches, East Moriches, Eastport &Manorville area. We are a company that has custom cleaning packages to target exactly what you want cleaned in your home on regular basis. What make us different then most cleaning services? We are a local company that was put in business for one reason and it was to take out all the things that the homeowner has challenges with on getting their home cleaned right the first time. We do value our clients business and time this is why we started cleaning is the best resolve for many homeowners.

So what do I mean when I state here on this blog post targeted cleaning for your home? Targeted cleaning can be stated and written and preformed on regular basis. I have found following a simple but targeted written worksheet room by room helps not only the our staff but the homeowner gets exactly what they want cleaned on regular basis. There is no end to what custom cleaning can be done tailored to each and every client and home being cleaned. This is one more thing we are doing to help clients looking for a Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island. We are helping helping homeowners local residents in Moriches, Center Moriches, East Moriches, Eastport & Manorville area.

Something else that clients enjoy about our service is the timing of their house being cleaned at one time. Timing is a big factor this day and age. Time there is not enough time in the day to do what we really what to do. Right? We have taken some big thought about timing and we have developed a way to get more done in less time cut out of your day. Why? This way you can get your home cleaned and have it back to yourself to enjoy quicker to save your time of your day. Wouldn't you agree that if you could save time in your day and still get the quality work you want done and deserve you too would be even happier?

So how is the time set up to clean your home. Let us keep in mind homes are to be cleaned in man hours an average home should be able to be cleaned in about four man hours. On weekly or biweekly basis. Now what we have developed is that we do work in teams of two so two people at two hours would give you the four man hours of work total. What does this do for you it saves time but it will allow your home to get cleaned on a more deeper level because the work load is split in half. Keep in mind we do work home by home with a custom written worksheet and work in teams of two so your home will get the cleaning you want and deserve. This kind of custom cleaning is giving all our clients what they need with a complete cleaning every time on regular basis. If you are still looking for a Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island Click Here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Spring and Fall Cleaning

So Many times I hear I wish I could enjoy the fact to no more Spring and Fall cleaning. I have good news it all starts with what kind of cleaning is being done on regular basis. If you are cleaning your own home you need to think about what you are cleaning on regular basis. Keep in mind many people who have their homes being cleaned by a cleaning professional but you need to consider this aspect as well. We all know your day starts with a certain number of hours of time in that day. We can not change how the clock spins but, we can modify and change up what we do with the time spent on cleaning your home.

Let us look at so ways we can put an end so there will be no more Spring and Fall cleaning. Here is one way when you are cleaning or having your home cleaned. Make sure there is time set aside for your home to get extra work done either biweekly or monthly things that one would never do on a weekly or even daily basis. I know many may think this will take up too much of my time. Keep in mind when something is kept up with it will not take so long to complete these extra tasks if done on a regular basis.

Keep in mind there is an beginning and end to everything we do even cleaning. I know you might be thinking there is no end to cleaning and you are right but, we must put the breaks on at some point because you will make yourself and your self nuts if you do not make a comfortable beginning and end to what you want done at any giving time frame. Let us all keep in mind you will not have to do Spring and Fall cleaning if you set up and follow simple extra cleaning habits within your month.

There is so many things you too can change so you can have more time to enjoy your life and your home equally as well. I typed this out here on my blog with so much conviction because, I have found this can be done over and over again in so many homes we have cleaned for many years. One of my clients sold their home when they cleared out home with the movers the rooms only needed a fast vacuuming for foot prints there was hardly nothing extra to be done. This was told to me and my staff it was a great compliment and showed me this can be done. This was a home we cleaned for at least eight years on a weekly basis. It can be done and you and your cleaning professional can do it. There will be more I will share on many other things we think about when cleaning our homes. Find out what you can do to help you with the fact right now to have no more Spring and Fall cleaning Click Here? 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Why did we decide to do this kind of work?

Many people have asked me why did I decide to do this kind of work? Over the years many people I know have been asking why is it that I have my home cleaned but, I still need to go over it again when they are finished cleaning my home. This recurring question got me thinking why is this happening? We all know it simple they are not doing a good job. This maybe the case but, I have taken it one step further. I know for a fact that if you have no solid direction you will not be able to complete anything to the fullest detail.

So how do we set up a resolve on this issue most homeowners are facing in Moriches, Center Moriches, East Moriches, Eastport & Manorville, New York area of local homeowners? I have designed a custom plan to fit your home targeting exactly what you want done room by room so we can pin point exactly what you want done each and every interior home cleaning treatment. This is only one big factor getting you the customer what you want and need to be able to completely enjoy not only our cleaning service but, to get what you are paying for.

Let's talk about something that may or may not be a concern of yours right now. If you could keep your home like new for years to come so when you enter your home it will look as if you just entered your home for the first time after the cleaning service arrives and completes the service you have requested. Wouldn't this save you not only time but, so much money. You might be thinking why money? Saving money because your home will look like new so you will not have to be replacing or changing out items in your home because they are being kept up with on a regular basis. This is one more reason the big topic question of Why did we decide to do this kind of work?

Here is something else you can think about when you get your home cleaning is it done in timely fashion? Time is a big thing this day and age. An Average home that are set up to be cleaned need at least four man hours of work on weekly or biweekly basis. The timing can be four hours with one person or two hours with two people the man hours get cut down but, not cut out because two people are doing the work. You will still get the man hours you are paying for. Keep in mind this is a great idea due to the fact the work load is split in half and more work is getting done for a complete coverage of cleaning of your home in less time. You too can enjoy your home again with little interruption of the cleaning service working in your home. There is so much more that I will cover in future posts here but for now you have a clear idea Why did we decide to do this kind of work to see more click here