Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island

Are in in need of a cleaning service Eastern Long Island? We are now serving Moriches Center Moriches, East Moriches, Eastport &Manorville area. We are a company that has custom cleaning packages to target exactly what you want cleaned in your home on regular basis. What make us different then most cleaning services? We are a local company that was put in business for one reason and it was to take out all the things that the homeowner has challenges with on getting their home cleaned right the first time. We do value our clients business and time this is why we started cleaning is the best resolve for many homeowners.

So what do I mean when I state here on this blog post targeted cleaning for your home? Targeted cleaning can be stated and written and preformed on regular basis. I have found following a simple but targeted written worksheet room by room helps not only the our staff but the homeowner gets exactly what they want cleaned on regular basis. There is no end to what custom cleaning can be done tailored to each and every client and home being cleaned. This is one more thing we are doing to help clients looking for a Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island. We are helping helping homeowners local residents in Moriches, Center Moriches, East Moriches, Eastport & Manorville area.

Something else that clients enjoy about our service is the timing of their house being cleaned at one time. Timing is a big factor this day and age. Time there is not enough time in the day to do what we really what to do. Right? We have taken some big thought about timing and we have developed a way to get more done in less time cut out of your day. Why? This way you can get your home cleaned and have it back to yourself to enjoy quicker to save your time of your day. Wouldn't you agree that if you could save time in your day and still get the quality work you want done and deserve you too would be even happier?

So how is the time set up to clean your home. Let us keep in mind homes are to be cleaned in man hours an average home should be able to be cleaned in about four man hours. On weekly or biweekly basis. Now what we have developed is that we do work in teams of two so two people at two hours would give you the four man hours of work total. What does this do for you it saves time but it will allow your home to get cleaned on a more deeper level because the work load is split in half. Keep in mind we do work home by home with a custom written worksheet and work in teams of two so your home will get the cleaning you want and deserve. This kind of custom cleaning is giving all our clients what they need with a complete cleaning every time on regular basis. If you are still looking for a Cleaning Service Eastern Long Island Click Here