Thursday, May 26, 2011

How can I keep my granite looking like new?

There are many things you can use on your granite. If you are asking the simple question of how can I keep my granite looking like new? You can start as a good practice to clean your granite with granite cleaner. I like to use regular dish soap in warm water mixture in pail simply wash and rinse and dry to high shine this can simple cleaning step can be used with out high cost and your granite will look like new for many years to come. You might be thinking what about antibacterial to really clean my granite especially my counter tops? Great question use antibacterial dish soap with warm water solution rinse with plain warm water and then dry to high gloss your granite will not only be clean but always stay shinny too.
Let us talk about short cuts people are using glass cleaner on their granite because they think it is a quick clean and shine. Keep in mind this kind of cleaning can and will dull your granite over time. Why is this happening because of this harsh cleaning solution? Make no mistake this over time your granite will dull out completely. Sometimes shortcuts hurt us with our things we love like our shinny granite at end of our busy day. Keep in mind the simple basic things work best if you are just starting out with granite or have it already change up your routine so you too can enjoy your granite for years to come looking like new by keeping it shinny and beautiful. I decided to set up this post to help anyone who is asking this simple but, very power question of how can I keep my granite looking like new?
Something else you should think about with granite counter tops. If you have a party and someone puts down a beer bottle on your granite it will stain and the stain will not come out of your granite. Be careful with your garnite counter tops use coasters so this kind of staining will never happen to you. This was a tip one of my clients shared with me about her black granite counter tops. This did happen to her and she shared this me and I wanted to get this tip out to you so you can be armed with this information. These are some things to help you keep your granite looking like new for years to come. Let us all face if we can keep our things in our homes clean and like new. If you spread your time and money wisely you can to do more in your home as in fixing up as your home needs it. Find out more about How can I keep my granite looking like new Click Here

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