Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains?

Today's post is speaking about removing stains. One big question I get asked is How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? This is something I hope you never have to do but, if you do. There is an easy solution to help you out. Red Wine can be tough but, you can reverse red wine stain by using white wine in area stained with red wine. Blot out stain with clean dry light absorbent cloth once stain is out continue to blot with clean light/white colored cloth dry it up. Once area is just damp dry then proceed to rinse area with clean water by applying small amounts of clean water with mister bottle then blot dry with clean dry light/white cloth. Do this a few times until wine odor is removed. Let dry with fan brush area if rug or carpet before it dries so fibers will not have matted look to them once fully dried. When area is completely dry vacuum several times going in different directions to ensure area looks like new.

There are many other simple things you can do to removed other stains from your home. I like to do the simple approach rather them making stain worse. To remove a fresh stain you can use right away a little club soda or seltzer water and light colored or white absorbent cloth to blot to pick up stain. Do not rub in stain blot to remove stain then go over affected area until stain is removed. This is one more thing that can help you with not only the question How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains and other stains that happen in your home. Here is something else you can do if you get a stain out in your home if you have laundry stain remover you can proceed to remove most stains from your home with these products. Something to keep in mind if you are not sure of the fabric you are cleaning test small area where you will not see to make sure it will work without damaging your items.

It is always best to remove stains once they happen if time goes by for what ever reason know that the stain may get lighter and will not come out completely some of the time. Something else I would like to suggest that you just test and you too will love the cleaning power of cooking and grease stains a new product called Greased Lighting this product on most items works like a charm but, like I stated before test small area not seen to make sure it will not damage your item. Most stains I am speaking about are stains done to fabric that are washable fabrics not leathers and swede or non washable fabric so be careful what you attempt to clean. We all want to enjoy our homes but, keep them in tip top shape. We all enjoy helping others do the same this is why I decided to set up this cleaning blog. There is so much more you can find out not just How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? Click Here  

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