Friday, May 20, 2011

How To Clean Windows and MIrrors Leaving No More Streaks

This is a big burning question for many people who clean windows and mirrors for a streak free shine. So you might be one more person with an interest on How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks? This is one big factor that many people may or may not realize. Windows should never be cleaned in the sun or extreme heat. This will produce streaks all the time. The second big factor is if you use one glass product all the time this will help you keep the streaking down. Keep in mind some glass cleaning products use ammonia some glass cleaning products do not use ammonia and this will clash using other brands and cause streaking on your glass and mirrors. Once you read through this post you too will say to yourself wow that is so easy why didn’t I think of this before reading this post. Sometimes things are so simple to do when we take out all the need to always be spending more money on different cleaners the basic simple ways is key when cleaning some things in our homes today.

Here is another tip you could consider start by washing your windows with mild soap and water and rinse them with clear water then dry. The next step is to clean your windows with your glass cleaner this will bring up the shine and help you achieve a streak free shine. Something else you consider if you are really into keeping your windows cleaner in between cleanings. Wash your windows with a car wash cleaner. It you choose to do this kind of clean approach for your windows. You will NOT need to use glass cleaner. The biggest factor when we get rain storms your windows will rinse to a clear streak free shine. I use to do my apartment windows like this and they use to have to be cleaned only once a year and I was positioned just off a main highway with lots of road dirt from high levels of exhaust from cars and trucks. This is one more way you too can find out How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks.

You might be thinking so what about my streaky mirrors? Many people never think about this one big factor inside we never think about why our mirrors streak. Did you ever rinse or even wash you’re inside mirrors? Let us keep in mind we are not suggesting to wash your mirrors with soap and water just wash with plain warm water and do this until you hear squeaking when you run your wet cloth over your mirror. Once you hear this squeaky clean noise dry your mirror with soft lint free cloth until completely dry. Your mirror should not only be streak free but, it should look like new and very deep because the buildup of glass cleaner is all off your mirror now. Notice I never speak about the of use of paper towels this is my green approach way of cleaning and saving the earth and also saving you money too. To find out more then just How To Clean Windows and Mirrors Leaving No More Streaks click here

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