Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No More Spring and Fall Cleaning

So Many times I hear I wish I could enjoy the fact to no more Spring and Fall cleaning. I have good news it all starts with what kind of cleaning is being done on regular basis. If you are cleaning your own home you need to think about what you are cleaning on regular basis. Keep in mind many people who have their homes being cleaned by a cleaning professional but you need to consider this aspect as well. We all know your day starts with a certain number of hours of time in that day. We can not change how the clock spins but, we can modify and change up what we do with the time spent on cleaning your home.

Let us look at so ways we can put an end so there will be no more Spring and Fall cleaning. Here is one way when you are cleaning or having your home cleaned. Make sure there is time set aside for your home to get extra work done either biweekly or monthly things that one would never do on a weekly or even daily basis. I know many may think this will take up too much of my time. Keep in mind when something is kept up with it will not take so long to complete these extra tasks if done on a regular basis.

Keep in mind there is an beginning and end to everything we do even cleaning. I know you might be thinking there is no end to cleaning and you are right but, we must put the breaks on at some point because you will make yourself and your self nuts if you do not make a comfortable beginning and end to what you want done at any giving time frame. Let us all keep in mind you will not have to do Spring and Fall cleaning if you set up and follow simple extra cleaning habits within your month.

There is so many things you too can change so you can have more time to enjoy your life and your home equally as well. I typed this out here on my blog with so much conviction because, I have found this can be done over and over again in so many homes we have cleaned for many years. One of my clients sold their home when they cleared out home with the movers the rooms only needed a fast vacuuming for foot prints there was hardly nothing extra to be done. This was told to me and my staff it was a great compliment and showed me this can be done. This was a home we cleaned for at least eight years on a weekly basis. It can be done and you and your cleaning professional can do it. There will be more I will share on many other things we think about when cleaning our homes. Find out what you can do to help you with the fact right now to have no more Spring and Fall cleaning Click Here? 

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