Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why is my home building up with dust?

This is one more question we hear very often before we start to clean a home for a new client. There are many factors to this question of why is my home building up with dust? We will go over many things you may or may not already know. Here is one big factor your vacuum is you vacuum bag needing to be emptied? Let us keep in mind if we wait until the vacuum bag is packed your vacuuming is not being done as good as it can be done. Someone reading this post maybe saying, I do not use bags. You might have a bag less vacuum then check dirt cup start with clean bag or cup when cleaning your home. When using a dirt cup you may need to clean filter or replace filter on routine basis. The next thing you need to think about is how much time are you vacuuming your home? The vacuuming time should be brought up in a way that you can spend more time vacuuming and less time dusting. This will cut back your dusting time to almost half the time in future dustings of your home.

Here is something else to help you figure out why is my home building up with dust? Check your clothes dryer vent and hose connection. Is it dirty or even better yet is your vent hose leaking? You can see this even without moving dryer by touching all around dryer is it dusty? This is big factor in cutting down your dust in your home. Something else many of us forget to do as in to vacuum floors with soft brush not just rugs. This will dust them so when you mop floors they will be cleaned of dirt and grime and dry to a dust free floor. Did you know the dust on your floor will dry back up to dust after you mop it? It is true so a regular floor vacuum with a soft brush tool will help you achieve a more dust free home.

Here is something else you can do to bring down your dust levels in your home. vacuum your fabrics as in curtains and blinds or shades and fabric furniture as in fabric sofas and lamp shades. Let us never forget to vacuum our mattress and bed pillows by using small attachments and really take your time to ensure you are really cleaning your items free of dust. If you have small children vacuum their plush or stuff animals. Keep in mind you can set your own times to do extra fabric vacuuming monthly. Your test is go in sunlight and hit fabric item do you see dust pushing out when you hit this item in the sunlight? If yes, it's time to do vacuuming of these items. I would say a good rule of thumb would be monthly. Something else you should be vacuuming and replacing your A/C and heating filters monthly on heavy use times and as needed in between times. If you have regular baseboard heating vacuum out baseboards with your vacuum crevice tool and soft brush vacuum the baseboard covers as well. These are all good ways you can finally resolve the big question of Why is my home building up with dust Click Here

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