Friday, May 27, 2011

How can I clean my wood floors

There are many ways you can clean your hardwood floors. This simple but tricky question is still being asked by many of our clients when we start cleaning their home. Here is the question I am almost always asked: How can I clean my wood floors? Like I stated before there are many ways you can clean your hard wood floors. Keep in mind go simple so you will not bend your budget or harm your wood floors in the long term. Many will say clean your floors even tile with a small amount of white vinegar and warm water damp mop so they are not too wet. Keep in mind they are wood floors. I personally like to use a small amount of Murphy's Oil Soap in cold water. I have found this keeps the shine and helps protect the hard wood floors for future use everyday wear and tear use. Yes, there are hard wood cleaners and mop kits you can purchase to do your wood floors.Let us keep in mind this kind of wood floor treatment can be done monthly but, if you want to do a regular cleaning of your floors the simple basic is the best cleaning choice.

Something else you need to remember about your hard wood floors. They are real wood so just damp mop them so floors do not remain very wet. This will help you keep your wood floors in excellent condition. What kind of mop are you using to do your floor cleaning? You should consider a mop you can wring out very well so your mop will get cleaned in cleaning solution and you can wring it out to damp dry mop to keep your floors not from getting too wet. This will help you clean your wood floors but protect them so they do not get too wet. These few things explained in this post will help when the question comes up on How can I clean my wood floors?

One more thing you should know. If your floors are not too dirty just use plain cool water and damp mop them but, you should always give your floors a good vacuuming with soft brush to dust them so you will achieve not only clean floor and a dust free floor once floor is dried. A good regular vacuuming will keep sand and grit down to slow down the scratching of your hard wood floors. You might not realize this but, if your floor is dusty and you mop it before vacuuming your floor will dry up just as dusty. Maybe you have hard wood floors that are not real wood you can clean them with a simple white vinegar and cool water or cold water with a drop of a pin head size dot of mild dish soap and damp mop your floors will be clean and looking like new for years to come. There is so much out there you spend money on to clean your hard wood floors. I like to keep it simple but, get the job done without the harsh long term wear and tear so you can have your floors looking like new for many years to come. To find out more about how can I clean my wood floors click here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How can I keep my granite looking like new?

There are many things you can use on your granite. If you are asking the simple question of how can I keep my granite looking like new? You can start as a good practice to clean your granite with granite cleaner. I like to use regular dish soap in warm water mixture in pail simply wash and rinse and dry to high shine this can simple cleaning step can be used with out high cost and your granite will look like new for many years to come. You might be thinking what about antibacterial to really clean my granite especially my counter tops? Great question use antibacterial dish soap with warm water solution rinse with plain warm water and then dry to high gloss your granite will not only be clean but always stay shinny too.
Let us talk about short cuts people are using glass cleaner on their granite because they think it is a quick clean and shine. Keep in mind this kind of cleaning can and will dull your granite over time. Why is this happening because of this harsh cleaning solution? Make no mistake this over time your granite will dull out completely. Sometimes shortcuts hurt us with our things we love like our shinny granite at end of our busy day. Keep in mind the simple basic things work best if you are just starting out with granite or have it already change up your routine so you too can enjoy your granite for years to come looking like new by keeping it shinny and beautiful. I decided to set up this post to help anyone who is asking this simple but, very power question of how can I keep my granite looking like new?
Something else you should think about with granite counter tops. If you have a party and someone puts down a beer bottle on your granite it will stain and the stain will not come out of your granite. Be careful with your garnite counter tops use coasters so this kind of staining will never happen to you. This was a tip one of my clients shared with me about her black granite counter tops. This did happen to her and she shared this me and I wanted to get this tip out to you so you can be armed with this information. These are some things to help you keep your granite looking like new for years to come. Let us all face if we can keep our things in our homes clean and like new. If you spread your time and money wisely you can to do more in your home as in fixing up as your home needs it. Find out more about How can I keep my granite looking like new Click Here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York

Do you feel it's important to have the right cleaning service to work at your home? It is simple of course you do and we do equally as well. We are rated the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York. We are committed to excellence on the service we provide our local residents of Moriches NY and surrounding area. So what kind of cleaning do want done on your home? We do offer recurring cleaning service custom room by room custom interior home cleaning. I would like to call it custom detailing your home room by room. Why do we do this kind of cleaning? This kind of custom cleaning or as I would like to say detailing was designed to target the kind of cleaning you want and deserve to have preformed on your own home. We go over with you and room by room of what you want done and what you want used so the cleaning will be cleaned as if you did yourself. This kind of targeted cleaning to us makes sense give the clients what they want and what they are paying for as well with every cleaning treatment.

Are you currently getting you home cleaned the way you want it? If you are not there is a reason it might be there is no solid direction on exactly what you want done in your home as far as the cleaning is concerned. We have realized very early on that custom targeted cleaning is what our clients need and love to have done on a recurring basis. This will help you too never have to deal with Spring or Fall cleaning ever again. Now, I bet this cleaning concept puts a big smile on your face. Keep in mind even if you never do Spring and Fall cleaning because someone does for you. It still takes time out of your day of enjoying your home without someone there cleaning it. If you have targeted cleaning you will never have to spend more time and money to do Spring and Fall cleanings ever with our service. This is one more thing that makes us the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York. This is your time to check out what your options are and why would you consider us to help you with your home cleaning.

There is more I can share to help you understand who we are and what we are doing to help our local residents with their home cleaning needs. We work in teams of two so your home will get cleaned faster but, more complete on a deeper level because the work load is split into two people doing the cleaning work load. The man hours are still the same but, the time is lessened because we work in teams of two. For example if you home takes four hours with one person cleaning it this would be described as four man hours the time would be lessened to two hours with two people. This will also help you have your own home back to yourself faster on regular basis. Many of our clients love this one factor of what we do as well. We all know this day and age our time of our days go by so fast so when we can preserve your time and help get you back to enjoying your clean home again in a shorter period of time this makes sense for us and you as well too. There is more you can find out on why we are the Top Rated Cleaning Service Moriches, New York  Click Here 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why is my home building up with dust?

This is one more question we hear very often before we start to clean a home for a new client. There are many factors to this question of why is my home building up with dust? We will go over many things you may or may not already know. Here is one big factor your vacuum is you vacuum bag needing to be emptied? Let us keep in mind if we wait until the vacuum bag is packed your vacuuming is not being done as good as it can be done. Someone reading this post maybe saying, I do not use bags. You might have a bag less vacuum then check dirt cup start with clean bag or cup when cleaning your home. When using a dirt cup you may need to clean filter or replace filter on routine basis. The next thing you need to think about is how much time are you vacuuming your home? The vacuuming time should be brought up in a way that you can spend more time vacuuming and less time dusting. This will cut back your dusting time to almost half the time in future dustings of your home.

Here is something else to help you figure out why is my home building up with dust? Check your clothes dryer vent and hose connection. Is it dirty or even better yet is your vent hose leaking? You can see this even without moving dryer by touching all around dryer is it dusty? This is big factor in cutting down your dust in your home. Something else many of us forget to do as in to vacuum floors with soft brush not just rugs. This will dust them so when you mop floors they will be cleaned of dirt and grime and dry to a dust free floor. Did you know the dust on your floor will dry back up to dust after you mop it? It is true so a regular floor vacuum with a soft brush tool will help you achieve a more dust free home.

Here is something else you can do to bring down your dust levels in your home. vacuum your fabrics as in curtains and blinds or shades and fabric furniture as in fabric sofas and lamp shades. Let us never forget to vacuum our mattress and bed pillows by using small attachments and really take your time to ensure you are really cleaning your items free of dust. If you have small children vacuum their plush or stuff animals. Keep in mind you can set your own times to do extra fabric vacuuming monthly. Your test is go in sunlight and hit fabric item do you see dust pushing out when you hit this item in the sunlight? If yes, it's time to do vacuuming of these items. I would say a good rule of thumb would be monthly. Something else you should be vacuuming and replacing your A/C and heating filters monthly on heavy use times and as needed in between times. If you have regular baseboard heating vacuum out baseboards with your vacuum crevice tool and soft brush vacuum the baseboard covers as well. These are all good ways you can finally resolve the big question of Why is my home building up with dust Click Here