Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum

Many people have debated over this very question when cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum? What is better many ask me on regular basis? Well, there are two sides to this question. Let us go through the both vacuums and what they can do for you as you clean your home. Let us start off with an upright vacuum. This vacuum can be an easy fix for speed vacuuming. Why? It is easy to move around and compact but, let us keep in mind the upright vacuum although it's easy to move around and fast it will also allow you to leave out many areas you should be cleaning when you clean. You might be thinking but, that does not need to be done when I clean. This may be the case but, when will you get to these areas? Sometimes almost never. Why? When using a upright you tend to say I will get to it later and this goes on and on and sometimes never gets done or better yet it does not get cleaned correctly. What am I speaking about when I state this in my post today? What about edges of your room can you get them with your upright vacuum? I know there are attachment tools on board but, are they really that easy or even effective to use to get this one but, big task done on regular basis? What about stairs this is more than always a big tough task to get done right with any upright. There is more but, I think you are getting my point.

Now let us talk more about cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum. I have to admit something here at start up of my cleaning business I loved uprights over the two piece vacuums. Within a month I found myself saying I hope this next home we get has a two piece vacuum? Why? It is so much easier to get more done in less time with a two piece vacuum. What can we do with this kind of vacuum? Let us go through list first off this kind of vacuum can vacuum and dust all wood and tile floors completely.  It will allow you to vacuum stairs bare steps and rugged steps alike completely. There is no way you will miss an edge of any room for another cleaning. Keep in mind when needed you have easy access to get done right away with two piece vacuum. Never mind dusting lamp shades and couches or sofas even mattresses and even under the whole bed whether its' bare floors or rugged it is truly easier with two piece vacuum. This is not about what is better it should be thought of what will help get more done easier and complete. Keep in mind they are many vacuums you can buy and or use but, what can help you get more done at one time so in the end you will not have to spend so much time cleaning. This is the big picture of cleaning your home with the vacuum that works for you and your home. Right?

This is what I tell my clients go borrow a two piece vacuum from your family member or a friend invest in getting them a package of vacuum bags as a thank you. I know it once you use and experience this vacuum you too will be going out to out to purchase a two piece vacuum for yourself. This is a one time investment that will give so much back to you and your home over the years. When you select a new vacuum go to good vacuum store pick something with a solid name something that has been around the test of time. It is a tool the biggest tool your home has when you clean so get something you too will love to use on regular basis. This tool is like your car it will take care of your home more then you realize. I hope this post answers the questions many have when it come to cleaning your home with upright vacuum vs. two piece vacuum click here

Monday, May 30, 2011

How Can I Clean My Stainless Steel Appliances

Many homeowners today are deciding to go with stainless steel appliances. Here is where the question of how can I clean my stainless steel appliances is often asked. There are many things you can do to clean your stainless steel appliances. Let us focus on the simple approach for those who know me this will always be my starting point. You can clean your stainless steel appliances with damp cloth of plain warm water go with steel grain lines. What do I mean when I say go with steel grain or wiping side to side? Going with the grain of steel or side to side on most appliances up and down or side by side refrigerators. You can try to use only one kind of window cleaner always and clean paper towels again go with the grain of steel lines. This should remove finger prints and grease without leaving anything but, a stainless steel shine like new.

You may be one who started to use stainless steel polishes out on the market today. That is fine just keep going forward only using polish as you need it. The polish should be applied again with the grain of the steel. I have found putting on too much steel polish the steel becomes too greasy and will attract more on the surface. You can use damp cloth to touch up in between polishing of your stainless steel. These are a few easy ways you be armed with a solution for the question of How can I clean my stainless steel appliances? There is more that can be cleaned in your kitchen as far stainless steel comes into play. What about your stove top griddle. This can be cleaned right away as you use with club soda poured on hot griddle and wipe to clean. If your griddle is needing to be cleaned at later time after you used next day or so heat up your griddle then apply club soda on griddle wipe off with clean paper towel or cleaning cloth until clean.

Here is something else you can do to clean your stainless steel kitchen sink. You can use stainless polish but before you do this you may not want to first do this if you get it really clean it may be shinny enough for you. Your kitchen sink should be cleaned with a disinfectant. What can you use I like to use a mild cleanser so there will not be any scratching.. I also like to use foam bathroom cleaner on stainless steel sinks it not only cleans them by puts a shinny shine even when it's dry. You can use club soda to clean your sink after you disinfect it. Lemon juice and salt works nice on steels steel just be careful not to scrub really hard go with grain of steel so you will not put scratches in your steel sink. Now, that I am speaking about lemon and salt you can use this same solution on your stainless steel pots to clean off grease and stains in your pots. To learn more than just how can I clean my stainless steel appliances click here

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains?

Today's post is speaking about removing stains. One big question I get asked is How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? This is something I hope you never have to do but, if you do. There is an easy solution to help you out. Red Wine can be tough but, you can reverse red wine stain by using white wine in area stained with red wine. Blot out stain with clean dry light absorbent cloth once stain is out continue to blot with clean light/white colored cloth dry it up. Once area is just damp dry then proceed to rinse area with clean water by applying small amounts of clean water with mister bottle then blot dry with clean dry light/white cloth. Do this a few times until wine odor is removed. Let dry with fan brush area if rug or carpet before it dries so fibers will not have matted look to them once fully dried. When area is completely dry vacuum several times going in different directions to ensure area looks like new.

There are many other simple things you can do to removed other stains from your home. I like to do the simple approach rather them making stain worse. To remove a fresh stain you can use right away a little club soda or seltzer water and light colored or white absorbent cloth to blot to pick up stain. Do not rub in stain blot to remove stain then go over affected area until stain is removed. This is one more thing that can help you with not only the question How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains and other stains that happen in your home. Here is something else you can do if you get a stain out in your home if you have laundry stain remover you can proceed to remove most stains from your home with these products. Something to keep in mind if you are not sure of the fabric you are cleaning test small area where you will not see to make sure it will work without damaging your items.

It is always best to remove stains once they happen if time goes by for what ever reason know that the stain may get lighter and will not come out completely some of the time. Something else I would like to suggest that you just test and you too will love the cleaning power of cooking and grease stains a new product called Greased Lighting this product on most items works like a charm but, like I stated before test small area not seen to make sure it will not damage your item. Most stains I am speaking about are stains done to fabric that are washable fabrics not leathers and swede or non washable fabric so be careful what you attempt to clean. We all want to enjoy our homes but, keep them in tip top shape. We all enjoy helping others do the same this is why I decided to set up this cleaning blog. There is so much more you can find out not just How Can I Remove Red Wine Stains? Click Here