Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to remove soap scum from your shower

We all want to know this answer of How to remove soap scum from your shower? Keep in mind no matter what soap you use you will end up with soap scum build up if not cleaned on daily basis. Who has the time to clean their shower on a daily basis anyway? Here is how we conquered removing soap scum from showers in our clients homes. First off no matter what cleaner you decide to use you must soften the soap scum on your shower walls and base. How can you do this you might be thinking? We use warm to hot water either from sink or if needed really hot water we boil it in a pot on stove use something like a tea kettle so you will not burn yourself when pouring it. Once soap scum is softened then apply your favorite cleaner. Keep in mind you do need to disinfect your shower as well. Keeping this in mind you should think about is the cleaner you are about use is this cleaner a disinfectant.

So what if you shower still is giving you a hard time to clean maybe because there is such a build up on it of soap scum. Then I would recommend you do these steps a few times this should be a great start to finally discover how to remove soap scum from your shower easily and effectively without breaking your budget or spending so much time on it but getting it done. Keep in mind sometimes we even will use a heavy  scrub brush with cleaner this will help you not have to put so much pressure in scouring to remove the soap scum. The stores sell a safety scrub sponge that will not harm your fixtures you can use as well to help you remove your soap scum from your shower and tub base.

Now that your shower and tub is free of soap scum I would like to ask you this question; is your shower or tub discolored? If your answer is yes, you could consider doing one more step and using a bleach cleaner on it to bring back to it's original color. It make take a few times you might have to let it sit or stand on shower or tub a bit so it can do it's work then rinse with fresh water. Bleach can be a wonderful thing but, keep in mind it can damage things as well so we must be careful what we use bleach on and where we use it. As a rule never mix bleach with anything except water. This will always keep you on safe side of making a cleaning turn into a nightmare. We do offer other ways to help you with cleaning you home or even to find out more on How to remove saop scum from your shower click here 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Polishing Wood Furniture

Do you remember years ago polishing wood furniture? It sometimes was a joke the things people used on their wood furniture. I am posting this today with such conviction because, we used to go to our relatives homes and they would be using cheap spray cleaners and polishes to clean and polish their wood furniture. What would this do in long the run although leaving a nice shine this polish will cake up on your wood furniture. Why are you polishing your wood furniture anyway? Maybe to keep its shine and luster and to prevent your wood furniture from drying out...Right? Sometimes people just like to use furniture polish when they dust to remove more dust.

Keep in mind when you dust your furniture you can use a damp dry soft cloth. When I suggest using a damp dry cloth you can get this kind of cloth by wetting your hands and dry them off on the cloth you will use for dusting. Keep doing this until your cloth is damp dry not wet. I also like to use a soft brush attachment to vacuum off furniture then it will be dust free for sure. Let us go through ideas of things you can use for polishing wood furniture. You should know me by now let us go back to simple and basic. The old fashion lemon oil in shaker bottle with soft absorbent cloth does wonders for keeping wood furniture from drying out. The key thing here is to use just enough not too much lemon oil and buff off with clean dry soft cloth. You will get the shine but, no wax build up. Keep in mind using lemon oil it will be a little greasy but, this lemon oil will go into wood furniture within a short period of time. This will condition your wood furniture all in one step. What else could you consider to use on your furniture if your wood furniture gets direct sun on it.

I have clients that have fine furniture all through their homes and they even have wood furniture in their front foyer area. This area gets so much direct sunlight that we decided to treat the wood furniture with furniture polish with sun tan oil with UV protection in it. Many years later the wood furniture still looks like new. It has been well protected and treated from start on a regular routine basis. Keep in mind you do not have to treat or polish your furniture weekly. 

I will not list any specific furniture polishes you can use but, I will state when you decide to treat your wood furniture buy upgraded quality well known polishes. Keep in mind it's your wood furniture you want to it keep looking like new for a long time. Taking care of your wood furniture will only reward you in years to come. I do realize the true value of taking good care of a home starting with all your interior items. This kind of mindset you can enjoy your whole home interior for years to come without replacing things over and over again.  If you need help on more ways we can help you with polishing wood furniture click here