Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Clean Laminate Floors

Many homeowners today have laminate floors in their homes. The big question is How To Clean Laminate Floors? The cleaning is very basic. I recently contacted one of the big laminate flooring companies on this very question. My reply back was very basic cleaning of warm water well wrung mop or spot clean with a mister bottle and non soapy or sudsy solution. My question was how can I disinfect this flooring due to having pets? The reply back was to use a 1/3 cup of clear ammonia to one gallon of water. Here is another idea add a cup of white vinegar to one gallon of water. My thought was it really is basic and very simple. Why? If we use anything else with a sudsy or soapy mixture it will build up and dull flooring or make spots on laminate flooring.

Here is my own thought on these cleaning options. if you need to mop with more then plain warm water. You should consider a second step and rinse with plain water to ensure your floor is completely rinsed clean. What kind of mop could you use on the cleaning of these floors? Choose a mop you can wring out very dry or at least gage what type of wetness you want to use. Keep in mind when this question comes to mind as in How To Clean Laminate Floors? You must remember you are not cleaning tile floors it is a laminate floor. This being said, extra care should be taken. This is why I decided to do a post on my Blog about this very topic.

Let us take this one step farther. Are you considering the fact to minimizing floor scratches? If yes, here are some tips for this aspect of keeping your laminate floors looking excellent. You should consider placing small area rugs near high traffic areas near doors and hallways. I know you thinking I got flooring not to have rugs. Keep in mind the area rugs come in so many sizes get just enough to help you minimize scratching. Get area rugs mats that do not show foot prints low pile rugs with non skid backs. Something else you should consider is if you have laminate flooring in bedrooms place rubber or felt feet under bed legs and table and chairs as well. Taking the time to do these quick steps will help you keep your flooring looking excellent for years to come.

The first step before you mop should be a thorough vacuuming with soft floor brush to ensure floors are dirt or grit and dust free completely. Keep in mind no matter how much you mop if your floor is dusty it will dry up just as dusty after mopped. Vacuuming your floors is very important for a complete clean. Keep in mind this will get all the grit off flooring that tracks in from outside. These are a few great tips so you too can have a laminate floor that looks like new for years to come. So many things we are purchasing for our homes today need a basic and simple approach to cleaning them. Now you are armed with the tools and tips for your laminate flooring to share with you friends when you hear this question. To find out more about your home cleaning check out How To Clean Laminate Floors Click Here