Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disinfecting kitchen countertops

Is it really important to make sure you are disinfecting kitchen countertops? Yes, absolutely it is the same cleaning concept for kitchen counter tops to be cleaned properly as you would clean your bathroom. Why? Keep in mind when we do any kind of cooking we could be dripping food juices and this could dry up on countertops. This is what makes it essential to properly disinfect your counter tops when you clean your kitchen. I will take you through some steps on how you can get your counter tops disinfected properly without ruining your countertops. If you have the newer countertops as in Granite you should consider to do simple disinfecting steps as follows. Start by setting up a basin or pail/bucket of hot water with antibacterial soap a sudsy solution wash countertops down rinse with clear water dry with soft dry towel. Your granite counter tops should be clean and shiny as your hand washed dishware after a dinner party.

You might be thinking what if I do not have Granite countertops? You can use this simple basic steps on any counter top to help you with disinfecting kitchen counter tops. If you want to bring up your cleaning to a stronger product be careful with what you choose it may harm your countertops or fabric in your kitchen or something you are wearing. The old school way to disinfect hands down is Bleach and water mixture. I must caution you that this bleach and water mixture for disinfecting your countertops can be too powerful so be careful. You also might be thinking what should I do in between on my speed cleaning of my kitchen countertops if I do not do cooking in my kitchen. I would still recommend you do same steps because whether you cook or just in kitchen touching countertops they will still need more attention to disinfect them. Keep in mind if you want to properly clean them.

Now that we are speaking about countertops you might be thinking my granite counter tops are not as glossy as they were when I installed them. You may want to think about getting granite gloss spray shine. This can be done once counter tops are cleaned and disinfected so you can shine up a properly cleaned surface. Keep in mind once you shine your counter tops they will be protected from water and most staining. Something to realize once your countertops are glossy and shinny they may make anything you put on them glide over them fast. This being said, be careful you do not break anything. I say this because the shinier the surface the more slippery it is wet or dry so be careful. There are so many things we will be speaking about over time on my helpful tips blog for cleaning of interior of homes. If you are looking for interior cleaning of what we discussed here today as in disinfecting kitchen countertops click here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Keep Shower Doors New

These days many people are installing clear glass doors on their bathroom showers. This being said, the big question these days is; How to keep shower doors new? Let us go back to help anyone that their shower doors are dull and full of soap scum. You will need to clean your shower doors with a soap scum remover cleaner. If you have time use basis steps simply wet and sprinkle baking soda and your glass doors. They will dry up pulling off soap scum. Keep in mind your glass doors might still need a water softener to get off water stains of lime and calcium deposits. You can buy a product to remove this as well. once your shower doors are clean and clear we need to protect them

I have found that if you have the time to dry your shower out with old towel after each use you too will never have to work hard to keep your shower looking like new all the time. Keeping your shower dry will help keep mold and mildew bold up down not only in shower but in your bathroom as well. Keep in mind this day and age many people are too pressed for time. That being said, you might have to follow the steps above and protect your glass shower doors and you too will not have to ask that big question of how to keep shower doors new?

Now that your shower is clean your showers doors look like new again. Here is the big tip for you to keep your shower doors perfect going forward. It's simple once you read it you too might say why didn't I think of this myself. Your glass shower doors are clean clear and dry. Apply your favorite car wax to inside of doors. Once wax dries buff off with soft cloth until glass is clear and streak free. Why? This will keep anything from sticking to it as in soap scum. When you take your daily showers the water on your glass doors will just run off. Never allowing soap to stick to them anymore. If you know me I will hardly suggest any specific products to use. My suggestion is use something that has been around for the test of time. You maybe one that needs help in your own home in the local area of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches and Moriches Long Island New York with your interior house cleaning we can help you with that big question of How to keep shower doors new click here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY

Why would any homeowner request Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY? There are many reasons for this request these days. Many home makers are both working harder than ever before. The simple request for Maid Service at your place of residence is something that is very common today. We need to go through what one should be looking for when requesting any type of maid service. I know you might be thinking I know check the pricing? Yes, nut there is so much more you should be doing other then pricing on your maid service request.  You should have them come in to give a written free in home estimate you can see just what you will be paying for on regular basis. Something else you should find out how will they be cleaning each area of your home. This being said, what would be their cleaning procedure of exactly what products will be used or not used. This is a big one if you do not want you item in your home damaged. Keep in mind Kitchen and Bathrooms should not only be cleaned but disinfected right down to floors as well.

The request of Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY  is also a  time saver for you and your family. Why? It will not require you having to do your interior home cleaning anymore if it's done properly. Keep in mind this day and age we all value our time. You as the person requesting maid service if select the right company can have your cleaning time in your home cut down by as much as half the time it will take one person to clean your home. What do i mean when I state this in my Blog? My company we work in teams of two service providers to get work done in half the time it would take only one person to clean same home. This will get your home cleaner on a more complete clean every cleaning. This kind of cleaning arrangement will help you get your home back freed up for you faster. This will allow your home to be cleaned faster and freed up so you can enjoy your home the way you want too once cleaning is complete.

Let me give some more points on what else yous hould be thinking about when you decide to hire any maid service. Are they bonded and Insured? Do the same service providers come on every visit to your home? Do they offer customized room by room cleaning so you and they know exactly what is to be cleaned on every cleaning treatment? If supplies are needed are they going to alert on what is needed ahead of time so you will not always be running out for supplies? How will they cut back but, still keep cleaning quality up? This really meaning use less paper towels and less glass cleaner and a mop that can be cleaned with every cleaning and last for years with out replacing it. There are ways you can keep your home cleaner with the vacuuming that is done on regular basis. Keep in mind if you have a bag less vacuum or bagged vacuum. You must be up on or service providers be up on regular bag changing or cleaning of dirt cup and filters. This will deliver a better and better clean all through your home. Even if a  cleaning service provides a vacuum I still would suggest use your own vacuum. Why? Allergies can be transferred to your home from other homes. Be on safe side use your own vacuum you will be glad you did it. We are helping so many homeowners Eastern Long island NY in the local area of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches and Moriches NY. We can help you as well. If you still wish to request Maid Service Eastern Long Island NY Click Here

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY

Find out why we are rated The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY. We do offer room by room customized interior cleaning of your home. This kind of cleaning will get your homes interior the kind of cleaning you want. We call this kind of cleaning targeted cleaning. Many of our clients' are equally saying, that we are the best cleaning service they have had in quite some time. I do realize cleaning a home is not an easy task. This is why I decided to work in teams of two service providers. This makes the cleaning work load much easier and your home will get a more even deeper clean on regular basis.

Let me give more reasons this kind of targeted interior cleaning is working better for our homeowners we are working with in the Eastport & Manorville area. The cleaning is getting done on a more even basis. This kind of interior home cleaning is key if you want your home to look excellent with each cleaning treatment. There is something to said for a home that is cleaned on regular basis. This home will not need a big over haul cleaning at any point of the year. Why? If your home is getting cleaned correctly on regular basis there should be no need for this kind of interior cleaning.

What other reasons are local homes owners saying that we are  The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY. We set up for your cleaning day on Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly basis with a day and time and we stick to this appointment almost all the time. This kind of schedule helps our homeowners plan what they want to do and know we will be there to do the interior cleaning on day and time we set up. We value our time as well as our clients time. Staffing is set up in teams of two service providers this like stated above will help cut cleaning work load down for a more even complete cleaning. Keep in mind if one person cleans your home in four hours two people would have work completed in two hours time. This will not only give you a more even cleaning but give back you home so you can go to what you need to do that day as well.

Something else that many people have a problem with these days is changing of staff almost all the time on almost every cleaning treatment. Let us face it staff will not always be working with one company forever. I get what many people are concern with on staff always changing from one cleaning to the next. We almost always deliver the same staff from treatment to treatment. There are many other factors why our clients rate us the best cleaning service. Here is your chance to learn more about who we are and why so many homeowners are saying we are The Best Cleaning Service in Eastport & Manorville NY Click Here

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleaning Windows with No Streaks

How many times have you set out to clean your windows only to find out that you are not really cleaning windows with no streaks. You stand back and take a look at your windows and you get so upset. This kind of issue will make many say I give up and then you will say' I will do my windows another time. When this happens you may never do your windows on your home. Keep in mind having clean streak free windows put that final touch on your homes look inside and out. So back to my original topic on cleaning windows with no streaks. How can you get this done without getting so frustrated?

I would like to just say it really is simple. Once you learn a few simple steps to get this number one chore right every time. The best part is that once you follow these steps you will say let it rain on my windows. I do not care anymore. Why? The more it rains the better your windows will look. I think I have your attention now. Here we go here is one more thing you will not need paper and a pen for this one. I know you too will remember because it is so basic you too will say why didn't i think of this.

Now here we go step one of cleaning windows with no streaks. Start by using warm water in clean pail with just a drop of dish soap from Kitchen sink. When I say a drop like a pin head size drop it will just make a small amount of bubbles in your water. Use soft terry cloth rags. You can cut up old towels so you will have many as they get dirty change them and use new ones as needed. Keep in mind the as the pail water gets dirty change water. Simply make up new mild soap and water solution repeat steps above. Start by washing windows with soap and water solution. Then if needed rinse with plain warm water if you can go outside use garden hose to rinse clean. If not just rinse with plain warm water in another pial of bucket and fresh new cloth until clean. The next step dry with soft terry cloth towel or rag buff until completely dry. This will leave you with all your windows with no more streaks.

Here is my final step I would like to recommend that after windows are cleaned inside and out. Close windows and lock windows as well. Fill pail with water use a couple of spoonfuls of car wash solution it will give you a soapy solution to work with. Keep in mind it is okay to have a sudsy solution for this final step. Now you can go over outside of your windows wash with extension wash wand something you can use on your car. Now you will need to rinse with plain water from your garden hose rinse cleanand clear. There will be no need to dry these windows this time because you now sealed the glass from water spots. Your windows will dry up after each rainfall to a streak free shine for months to come. The car wash solution I would recommend to use is one that states on the bottle will leave no water spots. Now you have the few simple but powerful steps for cleaning windows with no streaks for more tips click here