Saturday, September 1, 2012

How To Keep Shower Doors New

These days many people are installing clear glass doors on their bathroom showers. This being said, the big question these days is; How to keep shower doors new? Let us go back to help anyone that their shower doors are dull and full of soap scum. You will need to clean your shower doors with a soap scum remover cleaner. If you have time use basis steps simply wet and sprinkle baking soda and your glass doors. They will dry up pulling off soap scum. Keep in mind your glass doors might still need a water softener to get off water stains of lime and calcium deposits. You can buy a product to remove this as well. once your shower doors are clean and clear we need to protect them

I have found that if you have the time to dry your shower out with old towel after each use you too will never have to work hard to keep your shower looking like new all the time. Keeping your shower dry will help keep mold and mildew bold up down not only in shower but in your bathroom as well. Keep in mind this day and age many people are too pressed for time. That being said, you might have to follow the steps above and protect your glass shower doors and you too will not have to ask that big question of how to keep shower doors new?

Now that your shower is clean your showers doors look like new again. Here is the big tip for you to keep your shower doors perfect going forward. It's simple once you read it you too might say why didn't I think of this myself. Your glass shower doors are clean clear and dry. Apply your favorite car wax to inside of doors. Once wax dries buff off with soft cloth until glass is clear and streak free. Why? This will keep anything from sticking to it as in soap scum. When you take your daily showers the water on your glass doors will just run off. Never allowing soap to stick to them anymore. If you know me I will hardly suggest any specific products to use. My suggestion is use something that has been around for the test of time. You maybe one that needs help in your own home in the local area of Eastport, Manorville, East Moriches, Center Moriches and Moriches Long Island New York with your interior house cleaning we can help you with that big question of How to keep shower doors new click here


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