Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disinfecting kitchen countertops

Is it really important to make sure you are disinfecting kitchen countertops? Yes, absolutely it is the same cleaning concept for kitchen counter tops to be cleaned properly as you would clean your bathroom. Why? Keep in mind when we do any kind of cooking we could be dripping food juices and this could dry up on countertops. This is what makes it essential to properly disinfect your counter tops when you clean your kitchen. I will take you through some steps on how you can get your counter tops disinfected properly without ruining your countertops. If you have the newer countertops as in Granite you should consider to do simple disinfecting steps as follows. Start by setting up a basin or pail/bucket of hot water with antibacterial soap a sudsy solution wash countertops down rinse with clear water dry with soft dry towel. Your granite counter tops should be clean and shiny as your hand washed dishware after a dinner party.

You might be thinking what if I do not have Granite countertops? You can use this simple basic steps on any counter top to help you with disinfecting kitchen counter tops. If you want to bring up your cleaning to a stronger product be careful with what you choose it may harm your countertops or fabric in your kitchen or something you are wearing. The old school way to disinfect hands down is Bleach and water mixture. I must caution you that this bleach and water mixture for disinfecting your countertops can be too powerful so be careful. You also might be thinking what should I do in between on my speed cleaning of my kitchen countertops if I do not do cooking in my kitchen. I would still recommend you do same steps because whether you cook or just in kitchen touching countertops they will still need more attention to disinfect them. Keep in mind if you want to properly clean them.

Now that we are speaking about countertops you might be thinking my granite counter tops are not as glossy as they were when I installed them. You may want to think about getting granite gloss spray shine. This can be done once counter tops are cleaned and disinfected so you can shine up a properly cleaned surface. Keep in mind once you shine your counter tops they will be protected from water and most staining. Something to realize once your countertops are glossy and shinny they may make anything you put on them glide over them fast. This being said, be careful you do not break anything. I say this because the shinier the surface the more slippery it is wet or dry so be careful. There are so many things we will be speaking about over time on my helpful tips blog for cleaning of interior of homes. If you are looking for interior cleaning of what we discussed here today as in disinfecting kitchen countertops click here

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