Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cleaning Windows with No Streaks

How many times have you set out to clean your windows only to find out that you are not really cleaning windows with no streaks. You stand back and take a look at your windows and you get so upset. This kind of issue will make many say I give up and then you will say' I will do my windows another time. When this happens you may never do your windows on your home. Keep in mind having clean streak free windows put that final touch on your homes look inside and out. So back to my original topic on cleaning windows with no streaks. How can you get this done without getting so frustrated?

I would like to just say it really is simple. Once you learn a few simple steps to get this number one chore right every time. The best part is that once you follow these steps you will say let it rain on my windows. I do not care anymore. Why? The more it rains the better your windows will look. I think I have your attention now. Here we go here is one more thing you will not need paper and a pen for this one. I know you too will remember because it is so basic you too will say why didn't i think of this.

Now here we go step one of cleaning windows with no streaks. Start by using warm water in clean pail with just a drop of dish soap from Kitchen sink. When I say a drop like a pin head size drop it will just make a small amount of bubbles in your water. Use soft terry cloth rags. You can cut up old towels so you will have many as they get dirty change them and use new ones as needed. Keep in mind the as the pail water gets dirty change water. Simply make up new mild soap and water solution repeat steps above. Start by washing windows with soap and water solution. Then if needed rinse with plain warm water if you can go outside use garden hose to rinse clean. If not just rinse with plain warm water in another pial of bucket and fresh new cloth until clean. The next step dry with soft terry cloth towel or rag buff until completely dry. This will leave you with all your windows with no more streaks.

Here is my final step I would like to recommend that after windows are cleaned inside and out. Close windows and lock windows as well. Fill pail with water use a couple of spoonfuls of car wash solution it will give you a soapy solution to work with. Keep in mind it is okay to have a sudsy solution for this final step. Now you can go over outside of your windows wash with extension wash wand something you can use on your car. Now you will need to rinse with plain water from your garden hose rinse cleanand clear. There will be no need to dry these windows this time because you now sealed the glass from water spots. Your windows will dry up after each rainfall to a streak free shine for months to come. The car wash solution I would recommend to use is one that states on the bottle will leave no water spots. Now you have the few simple but powerful steps for cleaning windows with no streaks for more tips click here