Friday, March 8, 2013

Disinfecting the Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective

Many people forget the most important thing is to clean and disinfect your refrigerator. Today's blog post will help you learn about Disinfecting the Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective. Do you realize how many germs and bacteria can be lurking in your biggest asset your refrigerator? Let us discover why this happens? This can happen by storing something that may be leaking food juices. This also can be storing something that is not properly covered or left uncovered. Keep in mind a healthy refrigerator starts with keeping things in tightly sealed bowls and dishes so the air can not get to them as well as any juices do not leak out as well.. So now let us speak about what happens if juices leak out in your refrigerator. If this happens you will not only see it but you mostly likely can smell it as well.
You should do a rule of thumb to clean refrigerator once a month. You might be thinking how can I start the process of Disinfecting Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective? It is very basic and simple but as I stated very effective. Just start by using a small pail or bowl fill with warm water. I like to use baking soda in my water to not only clean but deodorize as well. If you have stubborn stains you can use something more powerful in clean warm water a cup of bleach. I suggest you use caution when you use bleach not to mix with anything but plain water. Keep in mind when you use bleach you need to be careful not to stain your clothes or any fabrics in your area of cleaning. Something else that can work well with your baking soda and warm water wash you can add some white vinegar in your pail it will fizz a little but once done it will help to degrease anything that may be greasy in your cleaning of your refrigerator.
Once you get your refrigerator cleaned and dried now you will be ready to keep this area fresh and cleaning smelling for one full month. Go buy yourself from local store two small boxes of baking soda write date on box open top half way or all the way place one in refrigerator and one in freezer. You might be thinking why freezer/ It will keep your freezer fresh and clean smelling even your ice will not have any odor. Keep in mind your baking soda boxes must be changed every month. This is why I suggest you write date on box or at least the month. If you keep up with these steps your foods and ice and more will be fresher and have zero odor as well. Keeping your food fresh and clean is something not only you will find helpful but your family will be so grateful as well. Easy steps for Disinfecting Refrigerator Simple Basic and Effective more help with your home click here

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