Saturday, June 29, 2013

Home Advisor vs. Angie's list

If you are looking to hire a cleaning service or maid service in your local town you might thinking of using one of these services and asking this question of home advisor vs. Angie's list? I am a service professional and use both services as a local business owner and a homeowner as well. The both services offer a great service on either side for the local residents looking for prescreened professionals. Even for a local business owner getting more leads for business growth. Keep in mind no matter how you  decide to move forward you must do your homework first.

What do I mean when I say do your homework yourself? First of all no matter how many screened professionals get matched with you for your home cleaning you should do your homework before jumping in and getting the service. Here is a big factor take some time to get several estimates on your cleaning service request. Make sure you listen to exactly what the cleaning service will be doing for your service request. Why is this important? Keep in mind it is your home and your money you will be spending on a regular basis it should be the kind of house cleaning you want and need or why are you doing it! Now, something else you should make sure you will be getting the same work preformed on a regular basis so you can expect a certain level of cleaning to be done in your home every treatment.

This is why I decided to do a blog a post about two very good referral companies for the busy homeowner when the simple question comes to anyone's' mind home advisor vs. Angie's list?  The last and final step you are the one that will be using the cleaning service for your home. You have to be very happy with what service you are getting before work starts and as the cleaning work continues. This being said, I would recommend you take a closer look with each cleaning and then on monthly review over all look at work be performed is it what you want? The big factor is it what was talked about on your first estimate for your home cleaning or maid service request? If yes, great if not go back to person in charge and let them know what changes have to be made. Anyone can recommend any service professional and prescreen them but, you will be the overall good judge of the service professional you hire as the end result. Many people reading this very blog post may say right now but, I am still not sure what I need for my house cleaning or maid service? The answer to your question is do your homework. How? By setting up at least three estimates. One of your steps is being here reading this post and finding out the simple but big question on many minds home advisor vs. Angie's list? The next step you can do and get a free in home estimate from both home advisor vs. Angie's Cleaning Service Request Click Here


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  2. Your welcome! I wish you much success daily with your business as well!