Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy Oven cleaning tip to keep it clean

Almost everyone can use this easy helpful tip on oven cleaning. Here is how you too can have easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean. It does not matter if you have a self cleaning oven or an oven that requires you to clean your oven manually.  You should consider this easy helpful tip as a part of keeping your oven clean. I have learned we cannot use oven cleaners on self cleaning ovens. I also know that if you get oven cleaner on your heating element you too can harm your oven over time. I do like a clean oven for cooking and baking without transfer of grease smells getting into my cooked foods.  How do I make this happen and it be easy too? You might be thinking to ask me. I do like to take a fast glance at my oven after I use it. If I see any spots or oil spills or drip marks I like to use a Brillo or SOS soap pad to take off burnt on spills or stains. I do rinse completely and dry it to see if there is any stains or streaks. If there is I repeat steps above and rinse completely. Then dry to nice shine. The oven now is ready for future use. This is one simple way to easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean. Here is another safe effective natural way is to mix any amount of baking soda and vinegar with warm water in spray bottle use scrub sponge spray on stain scour off rinse with warm water dry to shine. Keep in mind this kind of touch up cleaning your oven will allow you to not have such a  big oven cleaning down the road. If you are one with self cleaning oven you can know you are going on a green side and saving energy for your plant and your wallet too. Your oven cleanings will only have to be done once or at most twice a year doing these simple cleaning steps after you use your oven. Something else you can consider if you do not want to waste so much time cleaning your oven racks. Keep in mind your oven rack should not stay in self cleaning oven operation? Why? The racks will become dull and not look like new over time. Most self cleaning ovens require you remove oven racks before self cleaning. Take old new paper lay out larger then your oven racks spray racks with ammonia and water about half and half solution. Do this outside with plenty of  fresh air. Place in large plastic garbage bag knot bag or use twist tie set stand overnight in shady area.  The next day open bag carefully without inhaling any fumes pull racks out rinse with warm water. Racks should come out like new. Here si your gateway of easy oven cleaning tip to keep it clean click here