Saturday, March 29, 2014

Home Cleaning with Baking Soda

Todays post is about Home Cleaning with Baking Soda because so many homeowners today want to do basic but, effective cleaning. There are so many ways you use simple basic baking soda to help keep your home cleaner and fresh as if your windows are open 24/7. You might be thinking...HOW? Here are a few ways to freshen up your home starting downstairs and working upstairs. If you have a basement whether it's finished or not most of us have dehumidifiers running in the warmer months to combat moisture but still have an odor. I have found that if I set up small one cup containers or something to hold baking soda in even a dish and place on all ends of basement hidden if finished. This will work to pull odors out of air. Change these once monthly or as you notice odor coming back. If you have the ability to set up a fan place a dish with baking soda behind it. This will freshen air immediately.

Now let's move upstairs to work on freshening up this area as well. Maybe you want to think about where you might have odors like closets?  Set up a small container in each closet that has an odor. Home Cleaning with Baking Soda is easy and fun to do something that is effective and it cost pennies as well. You can purchase baking soda on a big value size bag in pool supply store or local food clubs in your area. Around any of the rooms you can do one of few things set to place baking soda around in open ceramic items that can hold baking soda and will not be seen. if you have kids think about placement so they are safe. This works well in pet beds and in cat waste or kitty liter boxes as well. I recently did a post on use of Baking Soda in kitchen in your refrigerator as well.

Check on this blog for this helpful post.There is many more things you can do with baking soda on my blog you too will be amazed. You can place some baking soda in your vacuum to fresh up your vacuum if bag is not full. To do this just simply place some baking soda on floor and vacuum up. Amount would be about  a 1/4 cup or less. Here is something else you can do to help freshen your home. Clean your kitchen pail with baking soda and warm water dry completely and reline pails. These are just a few things you can do to help you do with baking soda. We can help with Home Cleaning with Baking Soda Click Here

Sunday, February 23, 2014

House Cleaning Service Costs Cleaning Service Prices

House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices vary on what work is performed for which treatment you are looking to request for your home. Many people today can not do it all as in interior house cleaning and work so hard at everything else in their lives. Maybe you are one that can manage cleaning of the interior of your home but, need a little boost at end of every month. This will allow you to keep whole house on a cleaning level you really want and need. This kind of monthly cleaning service can help you in your home and on your budget as well.

Let us keep in mind monthly cleanings are designed to help the homeowner get home cleaned only once monthly. Many reading this post on my blog might be saying, yes that is why it's called monthly cleaning. This is not what I am trying to outline. What I am saying is that a monthly cleaning for any homeowner is designed to get home cleaned monthly but, the homeowner needs to understand they will still have clean home or even touch up weekly during the month. Why? If you can not do touch up cleanings weekly you will need to invest in a different service. Here is where the topic or question of House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices come back in to play a big role and factor..You might be thinking what are the fees and costs associated with interior cleaning?

There are many factors that come in to play in what makes up your cleaning pricing on time need to do the type of interior cleaning you want or need. Then you must be honest with yourself to make sure the type of cleaning service you are requesting is what you need for your home. You might  thinking what do you mean with this question? I am saying, do you really need or require the weekly, biweekly or monthly service you are requesting? How would you know what you really need will be decided by you on what cleaning efforts you put in to your own interior cleaning on a daily or weekly level. This will bring your final cost on any cleaning treatment you request or set up with your cleaning service. You can find out more if you still are asking the burning question of what are the fees and costs associated with House Cleaning Service Costs cleaning Service Prices Click Here