Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why should my cleaning service be insured?

Many homeowners today are asking this question. Why should my cleaning service be insured? This is a very good question. The real reason any cleaning service provider should be insured is to protect them and you as the homeowner looking for a cleaning service. I want to outline why a cleaning service being insured is a good thing all the way around. You want the right cleaning service providers in your home. They should be cleaning at a level of cleaning that respects your wishes and your home. You also want your cleaning service to keep your interior of your home looking like new for years to come. This being said, they should be cleaning all areas of your home with the right product and procedures to not only clean but protect your home and your family as well.    

Keep in mind Insurance is something that aligns good workmanship. You might be thinking why? Having a cleaning service that is fully insured as I have with East Coast Air Concepts Maid Service. My insurance requires a certain level of training and hiring practices. Why is this so important? If I train my staff to be expert cleaners. There will be less damage and breakage in your home. The other aspect of hiring is done with step by step proper forms filled out with completed background checks and complete support of documents verified to support just what my business insurance requires. This draws a complete circle around the question. why should my cleaning service be insured?

I always set up one on one live trainings for my new employees. This continues until all new employee are fully trained. Then I set up month by month surprise inspections on work preformed in all my homes we clean. All this goes back to having proper insurance it demands the best hiring and training practices and process going forward. This will be over looked in a cleaning service business that does not have insurance. The word insurance tightens the belt to ensure the highest level of practice and proper procedures completely.

Any cleaning service business owner that does not have insurance. This cleaning business owner is doing a diservice to the new client and former clients and themselves by having any staff working in their business. There is a lot of room for error loss and damages and law suits for accident claims. This will not only effect the cleaning business owner but the homeowner equally as well. So if you are thinking of a cleaning service. You should be armed with the question and the knowledge of  why should my cleaning service be insured Click Here